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This week’s hate mail is from a local woman named Mahoghany, who was butthurt about this post, where a Philadelphia man shot and killed a home invader. A man who, spade in hand, forced his way into the gun owner’s home, and climbed to stairs, approaching the resident.

Her Shakespearean diatribe is below, unedited for your reading pleasure.

that intruder had a family as well and to shoot 3 times in the chest seems a bit aggressive, he could have easily shot him in the leg and called the cops, how dare you all give praise to someone being killed no matter the reason, a persons life is more valuable than any of the material things that may have been in the house!!!!!!!!!

Bless her heart. Weapons-grade stupid like this deserves a retort. It’s below the fold.

SYLG Commenter MahoghanyDear Mahoghany (if that is your real name), Philadelphia is a dangerous place. Last year, your fellow Obama voters killed 337 people. As a result, some citizens have decided to arm themselves; mostly because they give serious bodily injury “down twinkles.”

Now, concerning your galactically ignorant comments, the thug still has a family; they just don’t have him anymore. Whose fault is that? If Spadey McRobberson had gone to a job interview instead of a stranger’s home, he would still be alive today.

But no, thug boy decided to rob an innocent man’s house; and he did not choose wisely.

As far as the “aggressive” comment, I would argue the homeowner used restraint. A revolver holds six rounds, and a semi-automatic handgun holds more than that. The homeowner fired only three times, which was arguably just enough to stop the threat. He didn’t empty his gun into the fine, upstanding citizen, but if he did, he would be well within his rights.

As far as shooting him in the leg and calling the police? Cut back on the CSI, sweetie. It’s difficult enough hitting a stationary target, let alone one charging you with a shovel. It is heartening, however, that when someone comes at you with a spade, you will stop him with the awesome power of your mind.

Take heart, Buttercup, I do agree with you on one thing. A person’s life is more important than any of the material things that may have been in the house. Thanks to his quick thinking (and his gun), the homeowner is still alive today. And as a bonus, he didn’t even lose any of his material possessions!

It’s win-freakin’-win!

There, I am now finished educating you. You’re dismissed.

29 thoughts on “Hate Mail O’ The Week

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Beautiful takedown Wyatt! Just beautiful. Spadey chose poorly, and now he’s pushin’ up daisies. I do shed a tear for the homeowner, because he has to replace some discharged ammunition. Now because of zero, ammo prices have jumped costing the homeowner more money for the ammo to protect his family and home. If Spadey had decided to be a productive member of society, and not smoke crack or doin’ meth and having to rob homes to support his habits, he would be alive today. But Spadey didn’t, and one less evil person is taking my air supply. Oh and Mahog, if you read this…GFY.

  2. Jim

    Spot. On.

    I guess brain surgeon Mahoghany thinks the homeowner should have asked the intruder not to hurt him, and then helped shovel boy carry his haul out of the house.

  3. realwest

    Ah Wyatt – that really made my day (which is NOT an indication of what my day has been like!) it really got to the heart of the matter in such a way that even Mahoghany could understand.

    Well played, Wyatt, well played indeed.

  4. loaded dice in vegas

    This would be considered in most LE circles as a WIN-WIN scenario.
    Civilians sometimes (most of the time) shoot better than LEOs.

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jim S – The best thing about this blog is the hate mail. I get trolls, but the hate mail is ready-made comedy.

    Jim – Or sit there while the Obama voter beat the homeowner to death,

    Robbie – That is perhaps the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me here. Thanks.

    Crusty – Think of the taxpayer money the homeowner saved!

    Real – I took my time with the response because I think her stupidity called for it.

    Taminator – No, probably not.

    Dr. Evil – Thank you, Sammy Gayvis Jr!

    LDIV – Three rounds in the chest if pretty fine shooting for anyone.

    Sean – Oh for cripes sake!

  6. Robert B.

    Ok. Time for another infamous limerick:

    “I got this break-in made in the shade”
    Said the thug, wielding his spade.
    But three slugs from a .44,
    No less, no more,
    And the thug, on the floor, is laid.

    1. Jon Brooks

      Good one Robert B. If coincidentally his name had been Les Moore, hell I’d have paid to have him sent out and buried at Boot Hill next to his great great granddaddy.

  7. AJ Lynch

    Mahoghany wrote :”a persons life is more valuable than any of the material things that may have been in the house!!!!!!!!!”

    Can I assume Mahoghany leaves her doors unlocked and her valuables out in the open. Or maybe, she just stores all her good stuff on the sidewalk since she thinks valuables are there for anyone’s taking?

  8. Ranba Ral

    It always gets me how many people think it’s no thing to just shoot a weapon out of someone’s hand or that a limb-shot is a guaranteed disabler. It might, but it might give an adrenaline surge that lets them overcome it…history’s full of people being outliers and overcoming things like having 1/4 of their cranium blown off, or entire limbs hacked away, and still fighting on to win a battle and survive.

  9. Billy Quizboy

    Considerate of the bad guy to bring his own shovel to a robbery. Saves trouble for the homeowner.

  10. He Said His Telephone Number Was 911

    I have to wonder if Mo-Hog-Any was personnaly aquainted with Mr. Spadey McRobberson? Very well put Wyatt, a much better response than she deserved.

  11. Jon Brooks

    But did he group them? Or is one center of mass, one high and to the right and the third low and left?

  12. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Robert – +1.

    AJ – No, Mahoghany is one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” liberals.

    Ranba – Last year, we responded to a shooting in Germantown. The man was shot once in the head with a 9mm slug, and was talking on his cellphone when we arrived.

    Billy – I wonder what Mahoghany would say his reason was for bringing the shovel? Probably anything but beating the homeowner to death.

    911 – I guarantee she at least knows the toad. Guarantee it.

    Jon – Let’s hope he took photos to show his gun buddies.

    1. Robert B.

      Wyatt, the number three came from the news article. I took poetic license & made them from a .44, the calibre was not mentioned there.

      Jon, I had my picture taken last year next to Lester’s grave. Yep, the headboard (not a headstone) still read:

      Here lies Lester Moore
      Four slugs from a 44.
      No Les, no more.

  13. Kevin

    The way I see things is this, possessions cost money. The way we earn money is to sell time to an employer. That time can never be recovered. Therefor even the most trivial possession has value to the person who has sold their time to earn the money to purchase it. Besides, break into my home and threaten me you will be met with as much force as I can muster!

  14. Bob G.

    I don’t know what I was doing more…laughing or cheering (both, and it’s not that easy…)

    Spadey McRobberson…galactically ignorant…BRILLIANT!

    You should be a TEACHER…oh, wait, a PPD LEO is ALREADY a teacher…at the street-corner campus of the College of Hard Knocks!
    (across the skull, mostly…for compliance, mind you).

    Let’s just call a spade a spade and be done with it, right?
    Well done, sir.


    Excellent post AND comments.

    Do roll safe out there!

  15. Jay

    Two points
    1…If someone was trying to beat Mahogany or a member of her family to death with a spade then I wonder if she would change her tune as the blows started to fall.

    2…Little ol’ you gets hate mail???? Astounding, what’s to hate?

    1. richard mcenroe

      There are people out there in their parents’ house or peeling-linoleum group apartment or library or coffee shop who are just hunched over their computers all day, waiting for something worthy of their enlightened hate…

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