Happy Birthday Kyle!

Kyle goalie pscToday is my oldest son’s 12th birthday. Here he is spending time in his happy place: the soccer field.

Like most kids, Kyle has his share of irritating moments, and he’s already showing some of that teenager attitude. That being said, his priorities are in order: he earns good grades in school, and is never a discipline problem there.

Kyle’s outlet is sports, and while he is ultra-competitive, he is always loyal to his team. He’s turning into a fine young man.

Happy birthday, Kyle! We love you.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kyle!

  1. realwest

    Hey there Wyatt – please wish Kyle a Happy Birthday from me (whom he doesn’t know but probably figures I’m just some “Old Guy” like his dad!!!) and I hope he has many, MANY more!!!

  2. rd

    You do realize that you’re one short year away from having a teenager in the house right?
    I kid, I have two of them, they’re pretty sweet :-) Happy B-day to your boy!

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