Former PPD Commish’s Son Arrested For Stealing Houses

Axel Foley Stealing A House

“How the f**k can you steal a house? This is . . . my uncle’s house.”

Four Philadelphia men, including a son of former Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson, have been charged in an alleged house-stealing scheme involving 22 properties.

Steven Johnson, 49, a former SEPTA police lieutenant who later worked for the Sheriff’s Office, was charged with criminal conspiracy, forgery, and related offenses. Codefendants Zachary Stokes, 55; Oscar Ketter, 42; and Elhadi Ibrahim, 48, were charged with the same.

The District Attorney’s Office said all the men except Johnson were arrested Wednesday.

Every defendant was arrested except the former police commissioner’s son. Interesting.

Not to worry, District Attorney Seth “I Wanna Be Mayor” Williams is on the case.

A three-year investigation uncovered 22 cases of forged deeds recorded with the city that were used to transfer uninhabited properties, said a spokeswoman for [D.A.] Seth Williams.

The lawful owners of the properties were not aware of the transfers, and some complained to the District Attorney’s Office when they discovered what had happened.

People always want to lambast the Philadelphia Police Department for being corrupt. It amazes me when the charges are always levied against the rank and file officers, and rarely at the top brass, where it is most prevalent.

12 thoughts on “Former PPD Commish’s Son Arrested For Stealing Houses

  1. Ingineer66

    This reminds me of an article I read today. An 3 Star Admiral’s son shot down an Air Force plane by mistake and is now up for Admiral himself. They are kicking enlisted people out of the service for getting drunk and fighting with locals but shoot down a friendly plane and you get promoted.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Amazing. Forgot that worthless hack Sethy Williams was your DA. He was a dumba_ _ at PSU when he was the “student body prezzy”. He organized some worthless pr stunt to “shutdown” the PSU communications building or something? Total tool. He was kicked out of West Point (says he transferred, uh huh). I feel for you Wyatt and PPD. This doesn’t surprise me.

  3. loaded dice in vegas

    Are you sure this is out of Philly? Sounds like Chicago to me…………………

    Yes we do live in interesting times……………..

  4. Bob G.

    ROFL…that is SUCH a great story, it just HAS to be fattening…!
    People WOULD be amazed at all the “stuff” that goes on when the “brass is on the collar”.
    (and the corruption rises to “the top”)

    Roll safe out there.

  5. Terrie

    I think it is a damn shame that Sylvester’s son was not arrested with the other law breakers. All of them should go to jail. Especially Steven Johnson. I dont think the new top cop Ramsey will take or protect him. He is a scum bag and needs to go right to F*****g jail. His brother is a FBI agent and doing well. It’s really sad. I feel sorry for Sylvester.

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