Excuse Me While I Rant This Out

Staff Sergeant Darrell Shifty Powers

Staff Sergeant Darrell Shifty Powers

I have a fairly general rule when it comes to forwarded mails. They are almost immediately thrown into my recycle bin. Partly because I don’t have time to read all of the ones that are sent to me; partly because they are full of bullshit. This one contained the latter:

Darrell “Shifty” Powers was a tremendous man. A war hero, he fought in the Easy Company, 506th PIR during World War II – the group made famous by “Band of Brothers.” Regular readers know I’m an Easy-ophile, and post about them when they make news, so I wanted to read the e-mail forwarded to me (about a dozen times).

I’m not posting it here, but it is a story (possibly true) about a man who met Shifty inside the Philadelphia International Airport. Shifty appeared lost, and the man offered to help him to his plane, They got to talking, the realization of who Shifty was set in on the man, and the man offered Shifty his First Class seat.

Great story, right? Except in its first incarnation, the man who met Shifty was just some guy. Now the man has evolved into Chuck Yeager. Uh-huh. Right. I have no doubt that Shifty was a terrific man, and I have no doubt people admired him, but the whole story – if true at the time – has spun into a (truly) unbelievable tale.

The kicker, for me, is that the story ends with this:

Shifty died on Jan. l7 after fighting cancer.

Bullshit. Shifty died on June 17, 2009. I posted about it at the time, and linked the story (which did not include Chuck Yeager) at the time, too.

The morale of the story? Forwarded e-mails are mostly bullshit, so don’t waste your time sending them to me.

10 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Rant This Out

  1. Jeffro

    But, but, but if you don’t, you love the devil, Bill Gates won’t send you fifty bucks, and puppies and kittens will die!!!! Snopes sez so!

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jeffro – I was just telling Jim on twitter that I wrote this while angry and tired from the week’s sad events. The message is what I wanted to convey, but looking at it, it seemed a little angry.

    When it comes to people like Shifty, shoddy fact-checking pisses me off.

    1. Jeffro

      All of that kind of crap gets under my skin, and in a big way. Falsified info, and mindless forwarding of emails, mindless sharing of bs on FB and so on all get my dander up. I generally reply and chew butt. Now I get less of rhw stupid emails from certain senders, at any rate! They still send that crap out, just not to me.

  3. Bitter

    My other pet peeve is when people (usually the same ones who forward emails) post every single missing children report image they see on Facebook. I decide to randomly Google them sometimes, and then you almost always learn that they were found like 7 months ago or that it was some scam to see how many shares something could get. I usually correct them on this stuff in an effort to get them to stop, Google, then share only if its relevant. They never do. In fact, the usually then post the same months old missing persons image a week later…

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Bitter – Exactly! Look, if people are going to forward something to me, do it in the style of Uncle Ray: make sure it’s pics of hot broads.

  5. Robert B.

    I only forward the really funny ones. Believe me, I too get really peeved at the “Forward this to all your address book or you ding dong will fall off” junk mail.

    “I have a fairly general rule when it comes to forwarded mails. They are almost immediately thrown into my recycle bin.” ———– Well, that explains why you’ve been ignoring me. ☺

  6. TonyF

    I gave up on trying to get people to stop sending me all their garbage. For those individuals that won’t stop, I just create a filter that sends anything with their name to the permanent trash file. I never see their crap again. If you were MY friend, I’d surely forward all your stuff though. I’d hate to break a chain letter of misinformation. Stupid f’ing morons.

  7. Rob in Katy

    I happen to know, that Wyatt does like some emails that I forwarded to him… investment tips, yeah, that’s the story…

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