Enter The Braggin’

Daniel Craig ShirtlessOkay, I have to be brutally honest here: I am making this diet my beyotch.

I’ve made my Weight Watchers points every day this month save for two – including once this week. Worried that this would be my downfall, I stepped onto the scale with trepidation. The result was joygasmic.

I started this diet weighing 215 pounds. Today’s weigh-in? 205 pounds.

Ten pounds in just under three weeks, beyotches! Who da (slightly less fat) man! Pretty soon I’ll be looking like Daniel Craig (above), sans the British accent.

What’s more encouraging is that I haven’t been able to exercise because of my foot issues; issues that were detailed by my podiatrist on Thursday. Apparently, I have bone spurs in my left heel, a damaged Achilles tendon, and plantar fasciitis. Physical therapy starts tomorrow, and should last 4-6 weeks. Hooray.

19 thoughts on “Enter The Braggin’

  1. realwest

    Hey Wyatt – EXCELLENT NEWS!! Just stick with it.
    And I’m sorry but I don’t see how PT is gonna help you with bone spurs and the “damaged” Achilles tendon.
    But what counts is that you’ve retained your determination and I can only say GREAT WORK and, mostly, KEEP IT GOING!!!


  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Real – The PT is for the plantar fasciitis, which is primarily what’s keeping me from walking without pain. The boot is for the Achilles, and the bone spurs will be addressed after the PT.

    Jack – Thanks.

    1. realwest

      “Snarky comment – Welcome to old.” Or as I like to put it: “GYMA” – Golden Years My Ass!”.

  3. Billy Quizboy

    Congrats Wyatt. I’m a shortie who was once a 200 pound butterball and am down to mid 150s now.

    On the plus side it gets easier and easier to live with a healthier diet once you get used to it. Stick with it.

    On the minus side I still have underpants that fall down when I walk.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jim – I’m 43. I shouldn’t be crossing old’s border yet.

    Billy – The first week was a bear. Now, it’s rather easy to make points, and (so far) motivation isn’t a factor.

  5. Ranba Ral

    Excellent Wyatt!

    This is the week I start back to the gym. I decided to use mom’s digital scale to weigh myself today…I think it might be going bad. It told me 150 (obviously wrong), 274, and 357. 274 sounds most right based on my last weigh-in, but I’ll have the gym scales to accurately weigh myself this week. Without exercising, just based on what and the amounts we’ve been eating the past 2 months, mom’s dropped 10 lbs herself. I’ve also had to notch my belt tighter than usual of late to keep my pants from riding gangsta style…no hole count since this is a woven belt and the buckle goes into the weave wherever you set it, it’s just about 1/2 an inch inward from the established hole I’ve worn in the weave.

    Also, good luck with the physical therapy.

  6. Rick

    I am down 5 lbs
    am going in Apr-May to have knee surgery again.
    M y right kneecap is about 1.5 inches out of place.

  7. Robert B.

    “Good shootin’ kid. Don’t get cocky.”

    Just kidding. Greay news, man. Stay with it. You’ll be down to my weight (150) in no time.

  8. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Ranba – Naturally, I just bought four pair of pants for work just before New Year’s. Now my pants are loose – not to the point of falling – but loose nonetheless.

    Rick – No thank you. I spent three months rehabbing a femoral contusion in 2008. Kept me out of ice hockey for an entire season.

    Robert B. – I notice the loss a little bit – clothes fit better – but I don’t “see” it. I think I’m going to push my luck and try to get down to 185. I think I can do 30 pounds by mid-year.

    RD – Thanks! I just keep wondering if it would be better with walking. Lousy feet.

  9. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jon – Pfft, figures.

    Ingineer66 – Thanks. I’m not even throwing up my meals like the supermodels do!

    Jenn – If you’re working tonight, I take no responsibility of your lack of medical knowledge!

  10. Jim Scrummy

    Congrats! Wyatt, what’s on tap for the bone spurs? PT and/or surgery? I have one on my right heel. I can run on it, since I’m use to the pain, but haven’t seen the doc yet to figure out what course to take? I’m not “killin’ it” like you, since I’ve lost 3 lbs since Jan 1 (keeping with my goal). But I do know if I could run more than 2 miles I’d be around 5 lbs lost at this point.

  11. Richard D.

    Wyatt, congratulations and keep up the great work.
    Several years ago I made one small change in my diet that dropped twenty pounds off of me in a only few months. I stopped all soda intake. Especially diet sodas. It has been discovered that the artificial sweeteners may have no calories themselves, but they mess up the internal insulin cycle. This actually makes your body store more fat!
    I now only drink coffee, tea, water and rarely milk (Which I still love. But it is pure fat). No sweeteners of any kind. Once you adjust, the tiniest amount of sweetness will be as pleasurable as any gummy bear is now.

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