Down The Gopher Hole

Meg Ryan Orgasm When Harry Met Sally

At the University of Minnesota – home of the Golden Gophers – students can now take Sploosh 101.

The University of Minnesota is spending $3,400 to host a symposium specifically designed to help its female undergraduate students achieve bigger, better and more orgasms.

“Orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot,” reads the description posted on the school’s official events calendar.

A university spokeswoman, Patricia Mattern, suggested there is no age requirement in an e-mail statement to Campus Reform. The program is costing the university $3,406 and is part of the university’s mission of “research,” she added.

This, my friends, is how the University of Minnesota is spending your child’s tuition money. Well, that and signs for the symposium.

12 thoughts on “Down The Gopher Hole

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Just makin’ it easier for coeds to get into pr0n, to pay for their tuition. Who says college doesn’t give you training for the oldest profession?

    If it is online…will it be in 3D?

  2. metoo

    Minnesota is not that far from Iowa. Wonder if I can work out some type of tuition remission or reciprocity agreement between our universities? Could make for an interesting Skype session or online class discussion. “I’ll have what she’s having!” (and seconds, please.)

  3. Veeshir

    Wait, teaching women how to have better, longer and more orgasms?

    I’ve been teaching that class for 30 years now and I’ve never charged a penny.

    It usually cost me money for dinner, drinks and maybe a movie.

    I’m in the wrong business.

  4. realwest

    I wonder if they’ll give exams and grades?! I mean, what Man would want a “C+” in this course on his record?!

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