Diet Earp

Homer Simpson Exercising

Well, I’m finishing the first month on my weigh loss program – courtesy of Weight Watchers – and I have been proud of my progress so far. Losing ten pounds in three weeks is pretty exciting, especially without being able to really exercise.

This week’s weigh-in, however, had me terribly vexed. The death of my co-worker’s daughter took its toll, food-wise, and I had two days where I blew my points out of the water. Comfort food is not your friend.

Any hoo, I stepped on the scale, and saw this number looking up at me: 204.

That’s down 1 pound from last week, and down 11 since January 1st. Honestly, the number is disappointing, considering my whirlwind progress before today, so I’ll have to double down on my efforts from here on out.

13 thoughts on “Diet Earp

  1. realwest

    Hey Wyatt – DON’T GET DISCOURAGED. Really a pound here and a pound there and pretty soon you’re not only under 200 lbs, you’re under 195 -and with all the trials and tribulations you’ve had, I’m just amazed you haven’t gained weight.
    Just keep on keeping on, Wyatt and if YOU ARE SERIOUS about it, you will lose the weight. Honest you will.

  2. Old NFO

    Hang in there Wyatt, look at the long term plan, not the short term gain/loss ratio… And the bump is understandable… Comfort food is NEEDED once in a while.

  3. Dr. Evil

    Wahoooooo Wyatt! However, when you post this pic all I can do is think of great lines from this episode. SUCH AS:

    I don’t wanna look like a freak. Give me a moo-moo1
    Hey fatty, I got a movie for ya, a fridge to far!
    Hey Miss doesn’t find me attractive sexually anymore, I just raised my productivity 50%!
    AH hell, I’ll just pay for the bastard’s lipposuction!

    and finally…
    I’m surprised for once dad’s butt prevented the release of toxic gas!

  4. Robert B.

    Hang in there, Wyatt. Losing a pound every week or two is doing very well. You didn’t put it all on in one month, therefore it will take more than one to slim down. Stay with it, Lad.

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Sally Anne – I claim it, and all its subsidiary rights!

    Real – My only problem is that I bought new (larger) pants before the end of the year. Now they’re loose. It’s a good “bad” problem.

    Old NFO – And it was a hoagie tray from Primo’s Hoagies. One of the best chains in the area.

    Dr. Evil – “I hear that guy’s ass has its own congressman.” – Jimbo

  6. rd

    You’re doing just fine, 1 lb down is still 1 lb down.

    I didn’t see the entry about your co-workers devastating loss. I extend my deepest sympathy.

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