Confession Time

Bill and Erik PenanceOh, not for me; for my son Erik, who made his First Penance last night.

Erik (seen here with his godfather, Bill) was a little worried at first, what with all of the memorization that goes into the practice of the sacrament, but he made it through with flying colors. (Although Bill noticed that his penance seemed awfully quick, as Erik knelt down and was back up in moments.)

It’s good to see him not only participate in the sacraments, but also enjoying them. Hopefully, he’ll look forward to his First Holy Communion, which he makes in April.

10 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Robbie – They said if any parents wanted to go, they were welcome to do so. I got up – because I had to use the restroom (the result of my diet and the gallons of water a day) – and Bill said, “Wow, we’ll be here all night.”

  2. Dr. Evil

    Every time I enter a church there is a great earthquake, the skies became black, and the moon becomes blood.

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