Caption Contest Winners

Train Runs Into Swedish Housing ComplexThe Next Stop Pottersville Caption Contest has now concluded.

Kudos to you guys for the numerous hysterical comments. This week’s winners were very difficult to select.

Let’s see how everyone fared.

Top Five Entries:
5. “Dad… I asked for a toy train set!” Divorced parents always try too hard. – Orbitup
4. That WAS the last train to Clarksville. – Fenway Nation
3. The driver must have had LOCO MOTIVES! – Dr. Evil
2. Obama: “No you morons… I wanted to stay at a resort with a Choom Choom Room.” – Rodney Dill

WINNER! – The first experimental, inflatable train engineer project came to a screeching halt when someone realized that plastic was not a conductor.Proof

8 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winners

      1. JT

        In that case, I have a few questions…..

        1. What is the cube root of 17 ? ( No calculators please, after all, Dustin Beebler could
        answer that one with a calculator. Well, maybe )

        2. Where does dust come from ?
        I don’t mean the kind where you drive down a dirt road @ 40 mph during a drought, but the kind where you clean your house, go on vacation for a week, and you come home, and EVERYTHING is covered in dust !
        Where does it COME FROM ?
        ( If government agents are secretly behind this to keep the Endust Corporation in business,
        wink 9 times with your left eye.)

        3. If you drilled a hole COMPLETELY through the earth and dropped a ball into the hole,
        what would the ball do ?

  1. proof

    JT: 1. The cube route of 17 is roughly the same as 16 and 18, that is to say “down”, supposing that the ice machine in the hallway is working and you’re holding the bucket correctly. (BTW, I corrected your spelling!)

    2. As a young child, my constant companion was a dust bunny named “Dusty”. Dusty was quite prolific and most modern dust can trace its lineage back to him. (Or her. I never was quite sure!)

    3. For this one, I’ll need some clarification, whether or not the length of the hole is equal to, or less than the diameter of the earth. We frequently drill holes completely through the earth, shorter in length than its diameter, closer to the surface.

    We generally call these “tunnels”. Dropping balls in them routinely causes traffic jams.

    1. JT

      1. A person doesn’t need a bucket; they can use their undies. Just caution the guests not to use the brown ice.
      As for my spelling…. I actually went back and looked.

      2. I knew you were in on it.

      3. Anything can cause a traffic jam….cats, dogs, geese, even a salmon if it makes a wrong turn.

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