Caption Contest Winners

RPC 2423 On Cinder Blocks

The It’s Time To Re-Tire Caption Contest has concluded. Here’s how we did.

Top Seven Entries:
7. “Put out an APB for a NASCAR Pit Crew.” – Buzzsaw
6. “Guess I need to lay off the jelly donuts. I wore the wheels right off of this thing.” – Ingineer66
5. Yet another day for our “men-in-blue” in their “TIRE-LESS” pursuit of crime!!! – Uncle Ray
4. “The saddest part of the story? Dispatch asking if we were in pursuit.” – Jim
3. “The witness said the car that took the tires had Illinois plates ‘BDR529′.” – Rodney Dill
2. First Cop: “Hey, they stole our damned tires! Better get on the radio and call this in.”
Second Cop: “Can’t, they took that too.” – John D.

WINNER! – “I know that police budgets are tight, but you’d think the city would have sprung for the optional tires!”Proof