Blaster? Not Until The Wedding Night


Why oh why weren’t these rings available fifteen years ago?

Sometimes when you grab your significant other by the ears and say ‘I love you’ all you want in return is a nerf herding reply of ‘I know’. These ultra geeky matching Star Wars rings were custom made by Swank Metalsmithing for Chandra and her best pal in the galaxy.

“His and Hers sterling silver star wars ring set, Her ring to have the Imperial Cog and Death Star, Death Star to be set with a Ruby and Have the words “I Love You”. His Ring to have the Jedi Symbol and the Death Star, Death Star to be set with a sapphire and have the words ‘ I Know”. “

Apparently, the rings are very sturdy, even after being encased in carbonite.

9 thoughts on “Blaster? Not Until The Wedding Night

  1. Ferrell Gummitt

    Is there one that says “I AM YOUR FATHER LOVED ONE”? Or you can get her a ring for when she cheats on you that says “”I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING”. Or even another one that closes your windpipe when you wear it and suffocates you to death..

    The possibilites are endless…

  2. Robert B.

    My car had one headlight out the other night, and I ran over a rabbit.

    (Wait for it….)

    He sucumbed to the dark side of the Porche.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Ferrell – They’re coming out with jeweled chokers for women. It completes the Padme experience.

    Robert B. – Ba-dump-bump!

    Old NFO – See, and I was on such a roll!

  4. Dr. Evil

    For Gold Diggers the Boba Fett rings will simple read, “What If I don’t survive?” and “He’s worth a lot of money to me.”

    The Breaking up Ring has good ol’ Porkins on it stating, “I’m uh…having some toruble here.”

  5. Bob G.

    …And to think that most every time Wifey says “I love you” to me, I always Han Solo her with…”I know”.

    Is that kinda like a “ONE ring…to rule them BOTH” gig?
    (never say that to “your precious”)


    Stay safe out there.

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