Bill Clinton: Father Of The Year

Monica Lewinsky And Bill ClintonThat’s right, the National Father’s Day Council gave their award to a serial adulterer who spent more time shtupping interns than raising his daughter.

It’s like giving Adam Sandler the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Former president Bill Clinton can add Father of the Year to the many awards he’s garnered in his decades of public service.

The National Father’s Day Council, which has been giving out such an honor for 72 years, has named Clinton one of its recipients for 2013.

“With the profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations, President Clinton exemplifies the attributes that we celebrate through the Father of the Year award,” said Dan Orwig, chairman of the National Father’s Day Committee.

Let’s try to forget the fact that Billy Jeff soiled his daughter’s childhood by sticking his dingus into any woman that moved. Let’s forget he received a hummer in the Oval Office from a fat chick. Let’s forget he committed perjury.

Clinton has one child – one – and she’s a married woman now. What has he done, specifically this year, to deserve Father of the Year?

12 thoughts on “Bill Clinton: Father Of The Year

  1. bob (either orr)

    I’d give Sandler an acting award before I’d give BC any award.
    Except as Little Head Thinker of the Century.

  2. Old NFO

    Only ONE child that we ‘know’ about… Just sayin… and yeah, neither he nor Hillary spent much time with Chelsea… Know that for a fact.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Ahhhhhhh Billy Jeff “Daddy of da Year”? Yep, our society sucks. This guy is convicted of perjury, dis-Barred, and undergoes impeachment for perjury and now Dad of the Year. Did anyone notice the picture when the Clintons (with Hillary’s brain tumor) were leaving the hospital and the only one smiling was Billy Jeff. Yep, he was thinking…soon no more cankles and all the skankles I can handle without cattin’ around. Of course having a “spouse” really doesn’t stop him now, so why carry on the facade?

  4. loaded dice in vegas

    When asked how’s Hillary’s head is, Bubba said “not as good as Monica’s………..

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself………………….

  5. orbitup

    Clinton wins father of the year after he messes around on his wife and Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize before he does f*** all. We need to reboot society.

  6. Jack Rackim

    I dont get why he was awarded father of the year. not only because of his sleazy past and current life style but his daughter is a grown adult, married and out of the house. Who decides or votes on these things? Aren’t there rules for such? I would think your children would have to at least be pre teen least.
    What’s next?


    Alice in Wonderland seems perfectly logical now that I’ve seen this.

    Has not one member of The National Father’s Day Council read The Bible, The Talmud, or even the Boy Scout Handbook?

    That one organization could have so many unprincipled members is truly scary.

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