Yes, I Saw It

And yes, I was humbled by it.

Oregon Muse put of a Sunday Book Thread as Ace of Spades HQ this morning. In it, he more than generously highlighted Only Son:

“You’re all probably familiar with longtime moron commenter Wyatt Earp. You’ve heard him bitch about his home town, Philadelphia (“the crack whore of cities”), and you’ve heard him piss and moan about the Eagles, an NFL team known primarily for being used by other NFL teams to blow their noses on, but despite all this, he got off his sorry ass and actually wrote a book. When I was highlighting moron authors awhile back, I somehow missed him. Anyway, Mr. Earp’s book Only Son, is available on Kindle for the absolutely outrageous very reasonable price of $3.99. The plot of this crime novel involves “a discharged U.S. serviceman [being] found dead on a Philadelphia street and a pair of homicide detectives struggle to solve a crime with no witnesses, no leads, and no family to speak for the victim.”

And you know no one knows the mean streets of Philadelphia (“we’re not as corrupt as Baltimore”) quite like Wyatt Earp, a police officer who no doubt spends all of his time dealing with perps, creeps, scrotes, toughs, punks, thugs, and Methodists.”

After whoring the book for its first two months, I took a break – mostly because I figured you were sick of hearing about it. I’m glad Oregon Muse brought it up again, especially with the Christmas season approaching. It would make a good gift. /pitch

5 thoughts on “Yes, I Saw It

  1. Bill R.

    It was a belated birthday gift to myself a couple months ago. Wondering when your second novel will come out.

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