Where The Rubber Meets The Toad

Philadelphia School District Condom DispensersAfter the election, I realized that Obama won (in part) because the low-information voters (read: morons) simply wanted to keep their “free sh*t.”

Of course, there really is no such thing as free sh*t; the working people sit by and watch their tax dollars used at the whim of the toads.

Now, thanks to that hoor Sandra Fluke and her fanboy Mayor Michael Nutter, my tax dollars are now spent giving out free condoms to inner-city utes. Utes that are mostly too stupid to use them.

Coming over the holiday break to about a third of Philadelphia high schools: clear plastic dispensers chock-full of free condoms.

The dispensers will be placed in the 22 high schools whose students had the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and condoms will be available to any student – so long as their parents did not sign a form opting them out of the program.

It’s designed to address “an epidemic of sexually transmitted disease in adolescents,” said Donald F. Schwarz, the deputy mayor for health and opportunity. Since April 2011, the city has given away about four million condoms, and now, STD rates are falling.

Schwarz said, “if a teenager wants to use a condom, they should have access to a condom.”

Yeah, they do; at every drug store in the city. And get this: they don’t cost a lot. If you animals would stop leeching off the working people and find a frakkin’ job, I wouldn’t have to pay to keep you herpes free.

The worst part is these kids will take a handful of condoms just so their a-hole classmates will think they’re sexually active . . . then throw them down the sewer before they date-rape their 12-year old neighbor.

3 thoughts on “Where The Rubber Meets The Toad

  1. Ingineer66

    You nailed it. What do you want to bet that soon this program will have spent double the original budget and still be broke. Anything that is “free” will be over used until it collapses under its own weight. If they really want to make condoms available for kids so they do not have to go to the store then put them in a vending machine like they do at the local college dorms.

  2. Loki

    I love where they say parents can “opt out” their kids by filing a form with the school … and then say that the school will perform no enforcement and that it is the parents responsibility to get their kids to comply.

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