Sophie’s Choice

I’ve gotta admit; I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sofia Vergara act. Not one second. That being said, I love her work!

When she’s not talking about her curves, she’s showing them off. And on Wednesday, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara was in her comfort zone again, parading her fantastic figure on the set of Fading Gigolo.

The 40-year-old actress – who earlier revealed her cup size is an impressive 32F – smouldered for the cameras as she stood perfectly framed in a widow, wearing a racy black corset-style bra.

Sofia is believed to be in the process of filming sex scenes with co-star Sharon Stone, 54, who plays her bisexual love interest in the film.

Will someone please call 911? I think I’m having a brain aneurysm.

7 thoughts on “Sophie’s Choice

  1. Jon Brooks

    Sofia and Sharon in the same movie? Who could ask for more.

    Although Sharon still looks ‘kinda’ good at 54, Bo Derek in her 60′s now, still looks..’fan..bleaping..tastic’. Maybe Bo could do a cameo threesome in the movie?

  2. Dr. Evil

    Ya got it ALL wrong Jon. Throw in Ms. Hendricks so everyone’s blonde, brunette, red head fetish is met.

    And throw in commentary from Lucy Lui and that blonde British Orbitz gum girl. Both scantly clad. One as dominatrix and the other as a mermaid. That’ll mnake ALL happy.

    If there is something else your into…it probably shouldn’t be filmed. EVER

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Bo’s only 56. Both Bo and Sharon have had too much sun, which shows up on their faces. But in their primes…damn (I prefer Bo, more than Sharon, as if I ever had a chance with either).

    But, Sofia! Thank you Wyatt for my Friday ritual of boobehs.

  4. Dannytheman

    OK, let’s straighten something out, woops, Wyatt took care of that, we would all slam them like the were a screen door.

    32F? OMG. Need a cigarette already. (Motorboat heaven) (Windshield wiper heaven)

  5. DocRambo

    You “love her work.” I love her plastic surgeon’s work. And, gentlemen, those are “D, or DD” at most.

  6. Uncle Ray

    I was going to send that pic to you as an alternative to Christina. Glad to see you grasped its importance. Say what you want, but she is an extremely attractive lady!
    Sorta reminds me of a younger Sophia Loren.

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