She’s Having A Baby

Hard to believe Prince William would want to sleep with his smoking hot wife. /snark.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having a baby, it was announced today. Catherine, 30, was this afternoon taken to King Edward VII Hospital in central London with acute morning sickness and is expected to be kept in for several days. She was admitted only as a precautionary measure.

In a statement, the couple said they are ‘delighted with the news’.

Royal sources said the couple are happy but nervous because the pregnancy is in its very early stages and added it would not have been announced at this time had it not been for the fact that she had been taken to hospital.

Good for them. I like them both, and they seem like they’d make great parents.

Oh, regarding that photo of Kate I posted this weekend? Yeah, she was playing field hockey in a dress and high-heeled boots . . . while pregnant. I love this woman.

8 thoughts on “She’s Having A Baby

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Happy for the soon-to-be parents! It’s an amazing time, when your wife is pregnant. Dealing with the morning sickness is fun (not really, since I was usually on clean up, the things you do for love!) Sleep up now Will and Kate, because you ain’t gonna sleep when the young little nipper is born…ever.

    I like them both, even more when they stiffed the wookie and zero for their wedding.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Orbitup – You’ll get no argument from me.

    Jim – I love Queen Elizabeth – she was a mechanic and truck driver during WWII – and William, Kate, and Harry. Charles? Not so much. He’s just such a squish.

    Robbie – Amen to that.

    1. Jim Scrummy

      I’d love to be Harry for a day. Chasing and shootin’ bad guys in an AH-64 Apache, and then having all the hawt tail chase him, worldwide. Ahh, to be young, dumb, and full of ?

  3. Dannytheman

    Wouldn’t this pregnancy timeline (12 weekish)correspond to the naked pictures weekend? How funny is that? Now that perfect tight little body will be exploded and never to be seen again. I’m think the Princess might have called the press to have those shots taken?

  4. John A

    There must be a way to bypass Chuckles the Clown Prince in favor of his progeny. Other, that is, than the way Charles II succeeded poppa Charles I…

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