She’s Got A Ticket To Chide

Sharyn PeoplesMeet Sharyn Peoples.

Sharyn was shopping at a Florida mall recently, when she used a valet service to park her car.

When Sharyn checked her ticket, she noticed the valet used some questionable adjectives to identify her.

Sadly, she did not mow down said valet afterward:

Sharyn Peoples used a valet when she was in Boca Raton in early December to park at a local mall while she appeared at a play but when she picked up her car she found the ticket identifying the driver with the words ‘play,’ ‘red dress’ and ‘fat.’

“I was mortified,” she told WTVJ. “In handwriting it said ‘play, red dress, and fat’ on it.”

Peoples said she found the description insulting and shocking and she contacted LAZ Parking of Florida, the valet company.

“It’s only words and it’s from some kid, and that’s one of the things the guy said to me on the phone. He said, “You know, we employ 18- and 20-year-old kids.” I said, “Sir, they’re legally adults,” she told the local news station about her conversation with the company.

Feel free to disagree, but I think Sharyn is pretty damned hot in the above photo. She is certainly not fat. In other photos at the link, she looks like she has some meat on her bones, but I still probably wouldn’t describe her as fat.

13 thoughts on “She’s Got A Ticket To Chide

  1. Veeshir

    I don’t know about “fat”,I would write “Lazy” on every ticket.

    But that’s me.
    I don’t spend 15 minutes looking for a parking spot 40 feet closer to the gym.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Veeshir – Great point. As George Costanza said, ” A garage. I can’t even pull in there. It’s like going to a prostitute. Why should I pay, when if I apply myself, maybe I could get it for free?”

  3. realwest

    Howdy Wyatt! This story is just ridiculous. Even if Sharyn Peoples did park her car there and even if the “Valet” said what was written -presumably by the valet – on the ticket, SO WHAT?!
    If you look at the rest of the photos, I can understand the valet using that language as a short hand means of identifying her. In fact, if the latter photos are more recent, I’d say the valet was spot on in his comment.
    BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER – who in their right mind gives a flyin’ Eff what the parking valet thinks of how you look? A woman who was, perhaps, thinner and in MUCH better shape when she was younger (photo appearing on your blog, Wyatt) and has let herself get fat and unattractive physically.
    Hey Sharyn, are you so hard up for friends, or compliments that you went to a local TV NEWS STATION to vent your frustrations? Your insecurities are showing.
    Get Over Yourself!
    Oh and have a Happy New Year too!

  4. Eric T

    Poor execution by the Valet,

    We had a code sheet of symbols to identify customers. Ethnicity, age, weight, hair type and color; glasses, receding hairline and even toupee.

    While I do not condone the actions of the service, and it is hard to judge how she looked in the dress, maybe the dress did not fit properly and she should have asked any respectable male “does this dress make me look fat?”

    On another note, we had a somewhat similar story in my restaurant. I sent one of my new hostesses to seat a family named Black. She misunderstood what was said and walked up to the family that happened to “be” black, stating “Black party of four, your table is ready.”

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Real – Maybe it motivates her to get into a Size 4? /zing

    Eric T – Reminds me of a great sketch from Chappelle’s Show. The white family was named “Niggar,” and when the host called, “Niggar, party of two,” a black couple got really angry.

    Old NFO – Probably. I look at it this way, if I – or one of my co-workers – did something like this, the department would either fire us or conduct an investigation. What’s good for the goose . . .

  6. Ingineer66

    Hot originally, plump now. Sadly it is all confirmation of the 7.5 pounds per year, once they get the ring on the finger theory.

  7. rd

    I think its very disrespectful and unprofessional of the supervisor to note the youth of the employee as justification and the he/she/they should do a better job of training the employee, as it seems his mother taught him no manners at all. Who the hell wants to get insulted by the valet? Its rude. I’m not crazy about the woman either though, I think that if she wanted an apology or just wanted to let them know what she though, she should have just sent a note to the company and stayed out of the newspapers with it. Cause really, that ain’t news.

  8. Wyatt Earp Post author

    RD – If it happened to me – and it easily could have – I would have ripped the guy on the blog and never parked there again. Going to news – or even going to a supervisor – is wasted effort to me. Nothing will be done, so why go through the trouble?

  9. formwiz

    Hot is in the eye of the beholder, but she ain’t fat and the kid should be expected to act like an adult, if not in a professional manner.

    Score 2 for Ms Peoples.

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