Paging Doc McStuffins

Breast implants stuffed with cocaine are seen in this handout picture released by Spain's PoliceWhen it comes to breast implants, there has always been an argument between silicone and saline. Lost in the debate is the newest trend in fake fun bags . . . Cocaine.

The bright side of this is that if one of these rupture, she’ll be too doped up to feel it. Of course, the downside is that she’ll be talking like Tony Montana: “Hey, f**k you, mang!”

Spanish police arrested a Panamanian woman on Wednesday who landed in Barcelona from Bogota, Colombia with cocaine stuffed inside her breast implants.

The woman was taken to the police at El Prat airport after her vague answers to questions about the reasons for her trip from Bogota raised suspicion at the border control.

When border police discovered fresh scars and blood-stained gauze on the woman’s chest she was taken to a nearby hospital to check her claim that she had recently undergone breast implant surgery. The implants were found to carry 1.38 kg of cocaine.

Wow, that is a rather titillating story. I’ll bet she felt like a boob afterward.

6 thoughts on “Paging Doc McStuffins

  1. DocRambo

    Could easily have gotten away with it if they had just let the poor girl heal a little. Now they will start profiling large breasted women and going for more intrusive pat downs. I would bet this little scheme is running constantly. Can I get a job with the TSA? Sorry, my IQ is above 80 and I have a modicum of common sense, I suppose that disqualifies me.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Robert B. – Damn, an easy pun and I missed it in the main post.

    Rudy – I’d like to see her coke . . . and smile.

    MCPO – They need an importer/exporter. Like Art Vandelay.

    Old NFO – Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it being stuffed into implants. Some detective, huh?

    Doc – Paging Christina Hendricks . . .

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