Modupe Is A Mo-dope

Modupe Adunni MartinMeet the lovely and talented Modupe Adunni Martin. Pretty hot, huh?

Modupe claimed she received a boo-boo on her ankle while diligently working at her high-profile and mentally demanding job as a janitor in the Sacramento school system.

She was lying her hideously disfigured arse off.

A sex romp in a public park has helped prosecutors convict a California woman of faking an ankle injury to collect workers’ compensation payments. San Mateo County prosecutors say 29-year-old Modupe Adunni Martin reported the injury while working as a Sequoia Union High School District janitor in 2009.

Martin claimed she couldn’t walk and needed crutches.

District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe says investigators caught Martin on videotape throwing her crutches into a car and running in high heels at a public park. She then performed oral sex at the park on a boyfriend. Doctors concluded she couldn’t have done so with an injured ankle.

Guys, seriously, how drunk would you have to be to let this thing anywhere near your junk mail?

Oh, and is it me, or does this dude look like Kim Kardashian’s dad, er, mom?

Martin and Jenner

The resemblance is uncanny!

16 thoughts on “Modupe Is A Mo-dope

  1. Ingineer66

    I am guessing she performed oral sex on her boyfriend so he would not find out she really has a penis.

  2. Billy Quizboy

    Are you sure that’s not an alien wearing human skin? The Modupe, I mean, not the Kardashian. Or both.

  3. dragonlady474

    So they concluded she couldn’t give oral sex with a hurt ankle? Was I reading that right? She must have been a student of the Kama Sutra (sp?).
    “I was high school losing, never made it with a lady ’til the boys told me something I missed”

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Mike47 – My bad. The story was from the Sacramento affiliate.

    Ingineer66 – Yeah, that would be a real fly in the ointment.

    USAdmiral – That’s why I posted it at 7pm, and not 7am.

    Robert B. – She’s a very “handsome” woman.

    Dr. Evil – That may be the funniest comment ever posted here.

    Billy – I’m fairly sure this one was a co-star in “V.” Probably eats mice when no one is looking.

    DL474 – I think what ultimately snagged her was the investigators saw her running in heels.

    Skip – No problem. It’s California; home of the unisex bathrooms.

    MCPO – Certainly not a “Sweet Transvestite.”

    Jim – The jury is still out on both.

  5. Robbie

    Hey now, big lips are good for BJs or so I hear – and dude didn’t have to look at her face – what I can’t understand is – was she running in high heels because she couldn’t wait to …. ummmmmm…..well you know.

  6. Bob G.

    And they allow “this” near our highschoolers…WHY again?
    (Fraud – it’s what’s for dinner for folks like this)
    (wonder where he/she hides those 10 ft. pole marks?)

    Stay safe out there.

  7. he said his telephone number was 911

    You said “her ankle”, right? “you sure got a purdy mouth” – NOT. (shudder)

  8. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Robbie – Maybe she really, really likes her boyfriend’s junk.

    Bob G. – It’s the best ad for “Just Say No” ever created.

    911 – She looks like a jackass. Literally.

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