Mars Attacks!

Mexico Alien skull

Archeologists unearth this thing three days before the Mayan apocalypse? Weird.

It is an astonishing image that could have come straight from the plot of a Ridley Scott movie.

Archaeologists in Mexico revealed the astonishing skull of a person suffering from a cranial disfiguration. Believed to be 1,000 years old, the find was made near the small Mexican village of Onavas.

For cripes’ sake, it’s not an alien skull. It’s this guy’s skull . . .

Heh, heh, “skull.”


7 thoughts on “Mars Attacks!

  1. Jon Brooks

    In the past in some Central American cultures they used to begin binding the heads of infants and children to achieve the look of the skull above by the time they reached adulthood. Although for the life of me I can’t remember if it was a sign of being a member of the elite class or just plain sadistic parents.
    obviously headaches were no big thing to them.

  2. joated

    Great. Now I’ll have “The Indian Love Call” playing inside MY head all day. (Could come in handy should any aliens appear, however.)

  3. rodney dill

    I’m not worried about the Mayan calendar ending and the apocalypse anymore. I got my new Currier and Ives Mayan calendar covering the next 5000 years in the mail the other day.

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