Is New Orleans Still Allowed To Throw A Party?

Homer Simpson Beer Pyramid

If you’re attending Mardi Gras, remember you can toss your cookies, but not much else.

Since 1999, it has been illegal for spectators at Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans to throw objects — even beads — at floats or their riders or other parade participants. In the interest of recycling, though, the City Council could soon enact an exception to the prohibition.

Councilwoman Susan Guidry has introduced an ordinance that would make an exception for parades that include a float at the end of the procession to collect beads for recycling.

As written, the exception would cover only plastic beads…

Yeah, and I’m sure the drooling Philistines whose only talent is exhaling beer vapor are going to follow that rule. They might as well put up a Beer Bottle Projectile tote board on Bourbon Street.

5 thoughts on “Is New Orleans Still Allowed To Throw A Party?

  1. Jim Scrummy

    I have never understood the allure of New Orleans, LA. I’ve been there 3 times for bidness, enjoyed the food, but you can keep the city. Too much puke, even when Mardi Gras is not happening.
    Had two friends who went to Tulane, who always rave about Mardi Gras and N.O., but yet somehow still live in VA? I’ve had more fun on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, than in N.O.

  2. Bob G.

    All I ahd to do was watch COPS when they were at Mardi Gras…turned me off from NOLA real fast.
    Had a buddy that was DOWN in NOLA after Katrina…what he related sealed the deal, too.
    (and that reality show called THE COLONY that was based in NOLA just iced the cake for me)
    The show WAS good, however
    Recycled BEADS?
    Is this another “Goregasm”?

    Stay safe out there.

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