Happy Birthday Julia!

Today is the princess’s fourth birthday. As such, she has mandated that she receive the following:

1. A pink princess cake. (She got that last night, courtesy of grandmom.)
2. Lots of princess toys. (She also got that last night at her family party.)
3. Daddy-daughter time. (She’ll get that, because I’m off today.)

I’m sure she has other demands, and she has 17 more hours to release them.

Happy birthday, Julia! We love you!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Julia!

  1. loaded dice in vegas

    I’ve said it befolre and I’ll say it again,

    You sir. are a very lucky man!

    Happy Birthday Julia……………

  2. formwiz

    That’s a sweet little girl.

    Be glad she wants to spend the time with you and I’m glad you could.

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