Guns And Violins

RamseyWiggumPhilly police commish Charles Ramsey has been tapped to take part in Joe Biden’s panel on gun violence. Ramsey: A man who is presiding over 327 homicides.

POLICE COMMISSIONER Charles Ramsey will travel to Washington, D.C., Thursday to take part in a discussion about gun violence with Vice President Joe Biden and other law-enforcement leadership in response to the Newtown, Conn., school shootings.

“We’re very pleased and we’re very honored that [Ramsey] is a part of this effort,” Mayor Nutter said. ” He’s well respected by his colleagues [and] will bring good information and good support to this effort.”

This bogus panel is being set up to find ways to stop gun violence. What possible reason can Biden have for summoning Ramsey there? Homicides in Philadelphia – most of which have been by handgun – have risen every year since Ramsey was named commissioner.

Every. Single. Year.

What’s worse is he’s fudging the numbers. The official department website lists the current homicide number at 321. That number was current on December 12th. It has not been updated since; probably because we have eclipsed last year’s total of 324.

Similarly, the department is citing 160+ “Suspicious Deaths.” Deaths that are being investigated as homicides. If even half those are legitimate murders – and logic dictates that they are – we’re looking at a real homicide count that is over 400.

Look, I realize this panel is nothing more than a circle-jerk for politicians and would-be politicians, but Ramsey’s addition proves they aren’t even trying to take this seriously.

15 thoughts on “Guns And Violins

  1. loaded dice in vegas

    It’s a dog and pony show for the ignorant. Unfortunately, a lot of people will follow their recommendations. After all, the Chicoms now want the US government to disarm all citizens. Friends this cannot end well.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    He was useless in DC. Of course he came to DC from murder capital USA, Chicago. So, he does have experience, having the cities he is in charge of protecting, being in the top 10 for homicides.

    From the political slant, good ol’ Dingy Harry Reid really doesn’t want to touch this issue with a 10 foot pole. The senate has 20 commie seats to defend, and Harry likes being Majority Leader, and some of those seats are in red and purple red states. He’ll need those votes for anything to pass, but not sure if wants to lose his Majority Leadership on this issue. Zero talks a good game, but, with the 2 week vacay on it’s way, not sure how much stupid fever will be happening in Jan 2013 for this issue. Plus the Gallup poll released yesterday, probably gave the best indication where the country is on “gun control”, which is kind of cool. Not belittling the tragedy, wish the perp would’ve just offed himself, at his home.

  3. Billy Quizboy

    Maybe he’s there as a lesson in what not to do. Like how they should teach “The Room” and “Battlefield Earth” to film students.

  4. Dr. Evil

    Philadelphia: If at first you don’t succeed, fudge the Homicide Numbers!

    On any unrelated note, does anyone know of a Popeye’s in Chester County? Dying for some spicy chicken and cajun gravy!

  5. AJ Lynch

    Joe Biden – what an dumb, unqualified asswipe he is. In his first term, the even more unqualified Obama put Biden in charge of his Middle Class Task Force [which had no middle class members btw]. How did that work out?

  6. John D

    “This bogus panel is being set up to find ways to stop gun violence.”

    “Stop gun violence” is code for banning guns. Ramsey’s presence serves only to lend credibility* to whatever pointless legislation the panel recommends.

    *Credibility being defined as dazzling the rubes in flyover country by the presence of a guy in a police uniform.

  7. Jon Brooks

    Not even being a policeman I’ve used a gun 3 times in my life to stop or apprehend the bad guys.
    First time: guy with a rifle out in the street threating people, so I went and got mine, in the middle of dinner mind you, he saw my gun and left faster than Wiley Coyote. Second time: friends bar robbed
    by gun carrying asshat, my friend reaches under the bar and gives me the Model 19 I had just sighted in for him the previous week loaded with the .357 158 Gr. jacketed HP’s I bought him for it, ended up shooting the 12 pack of beer he had stolen (as well as money) out of his hands (that one ruled justifiable LOL) third: prowler about to pounce on my neighbor at 3:00 a.m., she was sloppy drunk hanging out on her porch one summer night didn’t see the guy sneaking up on her hiding in the bushes, my dog Bug did thru the window. Grabbed the 12 gauge and in my skivvies confronted him
    as he was hiding behind a rose bush looking at her wating for traffic to pass. Snuck right up to about 10 ft behind him and jacked a round..”You aren’t going to shoot me are you?”, he quaveringly asked…”only if you stay” I replied.

    The point is not my stories but what would have happened on the street with the guy with the rifle if I hadn’t chased him away? How many dead? Or the guy who may have raped or robbed my neighbor if an almost nekkid man with a 12 Ga hadn’t shown up? i am sure other than the policmen and MP’s etc. that visit and comment at Wyatts site, what if I and thousands of more like me hadn’t stopped something? And our stories will/would NEVER get reported by the MSM even if they knew.

    1. Jim from Hatboro

      Larry Correia hit the nail on the head in that piece. Nice find. Can we make him NRA president, please?

  8. Bob G.

    You can ALWAYS hope he gets lost…or mugged (both distinct possibilities down there).
    Maybe someone will make him a congressman, then you can get a GOOD PPD commish.

    Stay safe

  9. Just me


    I’ve done similar work as you in the past. I’ve gotta know – how do the bosses not punish you for speaking the truth? I’m impressed as hell with your willingness to let people know what a useless git Ramsey is. Keep it up brother, you are an inspiration!

  10. Wyatt Earp Post author

    LDIV – Obama claims he doesn’t want our guns, but when Cuomo says “confiscations are an option,” I wonder what the WH thinks.

    Jim – I like how the MSM and the libs (but I repeat myself) are blaming the mother, the guns, the NRA, and the GOP. Anyone except the shooter.

    Billy – A Panel for Bizzarro World.

    Dr. Evil – One opened less than a mile from my house. Heeh.

    AJ – Um, not well. Not well at all.

    John D – Then get someone who actually shrunk murder numbers.

    Rick – Yup.

    Jon – But the banners don’t want to hear that. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

    Loki – Nice.

    Just Me – Well, if I called him that, I would expect punishment. Look, I only post about these things after they hit the news sites. As far as the numbers, they’re out there and I scoop them up. Facts are facts. The murder rate is out of control, and as the commissioner, the buck stops with him.


    I can’t wait until Roberts and the rest of SCOTUS explains to us how the 2nd Amendment doesn’t really mean what it says. /sarc

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