Drop Dead Funny

So, the kids and I were watching wrestling last night when we saw perhaps the funniest commercial on the last year. I searched online and found it in all its hysterical glory.

I gfigured you could peruse it while you’re recovering from Christmas.

The video is below the fold.

3 thoughts on “Drop Dead Funny

  1. Bob G.

    I caught this one a few weeks back, and told the Missus about it…naturally, I haven’t seen it since to SHOW her.
    (maybe I need to watch some Wrestling?)

    Good stuff.

    Stay safe.

  2. Richard D.

    Yep. Funny! On many levels. The ad campaign itself with the fine humor of depicting and absurd ethnic configuration (Korean/Scottish) is delightful. It celebrates our differences in a tasteful entertaining way. Adding the living dead a-hole was just icing on that yummy cake. It also demonstrates why I never ride the bus. Smile, dammit! Thanks for the giggles, Wyatt.

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