Back To The Future

So, where was I? Here’s my post on the backup blog from December 7th . . .

The main site was suspended today; thrown into the gulag with beet thieves and other enemies of the state. Apparently, some uppity “photo journalist” from that liberal fish wrap TIME Magazine saw one of his photos on my blog. Instead of contacting me directly, he went straight into threaten mode and cried “copyright infringement!”

Like most hate mail I receive, the issue was a timely one. His photo was posted on the main site in 2009.

My server host went into panic mode, and although I deleted the photo the second I was notified, the hyperlink was still active. Instead of checking to see if I was computer-illiterate – I am – they suspended me instead. Jim, being Jim, has been working on this for most of the day, and I cannot thank him enough for his efforts.

Hopefully, we’ll be live at the main site again soon, but in the future, this will be my home when the main site is sent to Siberia.

* * * * *

Yeah, that was three days ago. Apparently, we’re back now, but you might want to jot down the address of the backup blog. That’s where I’ll be posting when this blog gets thrown into the gulag next time.

26 thoughts on “Back To The Future

      1. Sally Anne

        Oh hey, on that subject- as much as I like the look here, your backup blog had a mobile theme that was easier to navigate from my stupidphone. I have to do a lot of zooming as it is now. Doesn’t bug me, just something I noted during the siege of SYLG.

  1. Ranba Ral

    Since it was a TIME complaint sent directly to the server admin company, instead of trying to resolve it with you, I still say it was a “Democrat-affiliated DDoS attack”.

    Framing and nuance.

  2. DocRambo

    Thank goodness you’re back to your rightful place. Looked up the photog, but couldn’t find a contact for him. He should have been pleased you used his shot, and simply asked for personal credit instead of just the magazine reference. What a douche. That photo is not on his website, so maybe that photo belongs to Time anyway.Any further info?

  3. Ranba Ral

    Dunno, Wyatt. Got a friend who works for a media company and says they’ve got bots that troll around and do image match analysis and they just collect all the sites they find a given image on and the lawyers send cease and desist orders to if they don’t have a distribution agreement. Says it works okay for the high traffic places, but can lead to random fubar stuff like this in lower traffic places where it shouldn’t be a big concern. Though they usually use it on more important images than just random old images.

    (note: I didn’t talk to him about this one specifically, but about a year ago when he was talking about how it had a glitch and was hogging system resources and bandwidth beyond what it should have on the server they were running it on).

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Doc – No, and I don’t care to hear from him ever again. I’ll make sure I never use one of his photos again, though.

    Ranba – That’s just it. SYLG is a fairly high-traffic site as far as blogs go (2.7 million hits and counting), but in the grand scheme of things, I’m small potatoes.

    Even if he sued me, what would he get? I don’t have deep pockets.

  5. Bob G.

    Unless NOTED as being a copyrighted item AND being unable to be cut and pasted (they can do that, too), everything should be “fair game”…

    And besides, the way this loon from TIME (and other once used-to-be good magazines of a bygone era) acted, he should be worshipping the ground you BLOG UPON for actually using one of THEIR photos.
    It’s called “free advertising” or “visual props”, right?

    This whole “lottery-mentality, lawsuit-happy” society we’re stuck in only makes me think of a tried and true saying (from our military):
    “Kill ‘em all…let GOD sort ‘em out.”

    Now that would help to make the season bright.

    Welcome back, Boss.

    Roll safe out there.

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Bob G. – Some sites do that. They make it impossible to save the photo. Why this uber-important photog didn’t do that is anyone’s guess.

    Robbie – With at least two oars.

  7. Jay

    Glad you’re back you were missed. I hope it wasn’t a Christina photo. The world can’t have enough of them.

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