Ash Has Nothing On This Guy

There are boomsticks, and there are boomsticks. This one is the latter.

Seen here with a pretty sick belt buckle, an old man shows off a UTAS UTS-15 pump-action shotgun. It looks like something out of a movie about space marines. The boomstick has two magazine tubes that each hold 7 shells apiece, plus one in the chamber for a total of FIFTEEN zombie stopping projectiles (note: it’s not the first 15-round shotgun, just the coolest looking). The gun retails for around $1,500.

There’s video of this sexy beast below the fold.

Now if we can only attach one of these to Merle Dixon’s arm/stump . . .

Oh yeah, I want one of these for Christmas!

17 thoughts on “Ash Has Nothing On This Guy

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Hmmm, 15 rounds, me likey. Unfortunately, Mrs. S would shoot me with rock salt with that 12 gauge of sweetness if it showed up at Casa de Scrummy.

  2. Bob G.

    Would seem like HALO is definitely here…for REAL!
    Next best thing to Christina.

    (note to Mr. Claus…makes one HELLUVA stocking stuffer!)

    Roll safe out there.

  3. Jack Rackim

    I am almost embarrassed to say I liked that as much as the Shania Twain story. And she is hot.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    John D – Yeah Captain America, I’m looking at you.

    Jim – The perfect for home zombie defense.

    Ranba – Pretty S.O.B, ain’t she?

    Bob G – Yup.

    Jack – Picture her holding this. Bam.

  5. realwest

    Howdy Wyatt – geebus that is one SWEET looking ah, tool. Yes indeedy talk about your ah, home defense!

    And on top of it all it LOOKS good too!!

  6. Picky

    I cracked up when he said, “I don’t think there’s anything in that propane tank.” (at 19:17).

    It made me think, “Famous last redneck words!”

  7. Jon Brooks

    In another video with this guy I watched him hit a hanging steel plate target at 200 yds about 4 out of 7 with his .45 acp. Shoot on dude.

  8. Wes S.

    “Now if we could only attach one of these to Merle Dixon’s arm/stump…”

    Nah. I think Maggie’s the “Walking Dead” cast member who really needs one of those. Especially for the next time she meets up with the Governor.** Or Merle, for that matter.

    (**Clearly the Governor worked for the TSA before the apocalypse.)

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  10. L Frame S&W

    “Dearest Santa, Never mind the list I sent you earlier, this is the ONLY thing I want under my tree. “

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  12. Deputy Polarbear

    Since everyone thinks its cool looking, I wont mention how we managed to break one in about 15 minutes of shooting

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