A River Of Bodies Runs Through It

Camden, New Jersey is a little town across the river from Philadelphia. It has a terrific riverfront – much better than ours – but the rest of it is a cesspool of murder and drugs.

Now, with the power of positive thinking, that is all about to change.

Say something nice about Camden. A billboard bearing that simple, yet startling request went up Monday on the Admiral Wilson Boulevard at Federal Street.

“Saying something nice about the city is a small, positive action that can turn into something powerful,” says Jennifer Barton, a Manhattan communications executive who created and funded the campaign with a little help from her friends.

It must be easy to say something nice about Camden when you don’t live there.

That some are hard-pressed to say anything positive about what is still South Jersey’s biggest city is beside the point. Or perhaps it is the point.

The number of homicides in Camden stood at 62 on Monday morning. The death toll has inspired a stark response by another grassroots group, which has placed a cross in a downtown park for each victim.

Okay, I’ll play along. Thanks to Camden, ammunition companies on the east coast are making record profits.

22 thoughts on “A River Of Bodies Runs Through It

  1. Jim Scrummy

    It’s not Trenton? It’s not Baltimore? Detroit? Or any other failed liberal hellhole. Oh wait it is a failed liberal hellhole/shithole. Damn, I fail. No wonder the nuns use to say I had a hard time following directions…

  2. he said his telephone number was 911

    “Now Leaving Camden” – Thanks Camden, for letting me get out alive.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jon – Well played, both.

    Jim – Their waterfront is truly kickass – the Camden Riversharks stadium, the Adventure Aquarium, and the Battleship New Jersey. The rest? Cuh-rap!

    Mike47 – Lucky you.

    911 – You’re one of the lucky ones.

    Robert B. – Not far enough . . .

  4. DocRambo

    Major industry: Drugs
    97% Ethnic minorities
    80% on public assistance
    Corrupt City Gov’t taken over by US DOJ.
    Former Police Chief implicated in drug trade
    Nightly cascade of firearm discharges
    Estimated 40,000 drug buys by out of city residents per day
    Rivals Detroit as vacation destination
    What’s not to like about Camden?
    (If you’re a cockroach)

  5. Bob G.

    How about…
    Thanks to Camden, NJ…Camden, ENGLAND is a much NICER town?
    Thanks to Camden, Trenton isn’t so bad?
    Thanks to Camden, Newark thugs have a haven?
    Thanks to Camden, we have PROOF that entitlements don’t work (neither do the residents).

    Used to be an OK place…a LONG time ago.

    Roll safe out there.

  6. FenwayNation

    Thanks, Camden, for being one of dozens of object lessons on how generations of unchallenged rule by the Democrats can turn a once-thriving municipality into one of many decaying, burned out, uninhabitable shitholes scattered throughout the northeast, mid atlantic and rust belt

  7. rd

    62 homicides?? Wow, they’re definitely over-achievers in that respect. My entire country only hit something like 600 in all of 2011…

      1. rd

        Nope. We don’t count shooting caribou as an act of homicide over here. We call it preparing dinner, totally different category.

        And yes, I do realize that you were being facetious. :-)

  8. JT

    Camden is like a 500 pounder at a weight watchers meeting that everyone glances sidelong at and breathes a sigh of relief, thinking ” Whew, at least I ain’t THAT bad”).

  9. JT

    Didja ever notice how at Christmastime they’re called reindeer, but during hunting season, they’re caribou ?

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