This Guy Was More Than A Little Dipsy

Meet Riley Sheahan.

Riley is one of the Detroit Red Wings’ top prospects, but since there is no hockey to speak of for the foreseeable future, he began to refocus his energies.

Sadly, Riley’s energies encompass alcohol and beloved young children’s characters.

Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan’s antics are raising eyebrows off-the-ice. Sheahan, 20, was pulled over in a bizarre drunken driving arrest back on October 29.

He later submitted to a breathalyzer test and blew a .30 – more than three times the legal limit – classifying him under Michigan’s ‘super drunk’ law (.17 or higher). reported that if there is anything more shocking than his blood-alcohol level, it was his choice of attire – a purple Teletubbies costume, that of Tinky Winky.

Good thing he wasn’t involved in an auto accident; he could’ve hurt his Tinky Winky.

6 thoughts on “This Guy Was More Than A Little Dipsy

  1. Jim Scrummy

    We have a weiner! Blowin’ a .30, wow. Luckily this DB didn’t hurt anyone besides himself. When the NHL starts up again…Mr. Sheehan will hopefully be made fun by opposing fans because of his Teletubbies fixation. That will be fun to watch!

    Is it me, or is there just too much stupid these days that it can never be fixed?

  2. Dr. Evil

    AWESOME. I love eccentrics. If I hit this Powerball I gauran-damn-tee one day I will walk around Philadelphia in a custom Godzilla suit!

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    John D – I believe it is. Explains a lot.

    Jim – Welcome to my world. I see it every day.

    Dr. Evil – It’s only cool if you breathe real fire.

    JT – A fire-retardant vest.

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