They’ll Rename It “Drunken Mick Canyon”

Apparently it’s Bizarro Day at SYLG. Yeah, you might want to just roll with it.

Residents in Moab, Utah are trying for a third time to get a popular canyon just outside the city renamed because they believe the current name is embarrassing and disrespectful. Local resident Louis Williams says he cringes every time he has to tell visitors that the name of the canyon is Negro Bill Canyon.

But president of the NAACP’s Salt Lake City chapter, Jeanetta Williams, has said her organization will oppose the name change just as it has when the proposal has been put forward before.

“If the name changes, it’s going to lose its history,’ she said. ‘Negro is an acceptable word.”

I love that that NAACP can decide what are “acceptable” words. One N-word is good, but another is bad? It’s getting to be you can’t tell the players without a race card.

11 thoughts on “They’ll Rename It “Drunken Mick Canyon”

  1. AJ Lynch

    Heh- Whenever I am driving thru Western Maryland and see the sign that reads “Negro Mountain”, I call the office and ask them to guess where I am – then we all laugh when I tell them I just drove by Negro Mountain [does that make us racists?].

    I included the wiki link so you would not think I make this stuff up [but you already know I am not that creative].

  2. JohnW

    A few years ago our then-mayor, who was Asian, proposed renaming a local geological formation known as Spook Hill, supposedly for PC purposes. A city councilman agreed, and proposed it be called “Chink Ridge”. The matter was dropped.

  3. Ingineer66

    There was a waterway in an old gold rush town near here that was called N-word Jack Slough. Eventually it became just Jack Slough. I don’t know if anybody made the official name change, they just stopped using the word and the new maps dropped it. There still is a place on the river called Shanghai Bend just down stream though.

  4. Mike47

    N-word Bar near Folsom Lake had it’s name changed to Negro Bar. Some graves were relocated in the 1950′s when Folsom Dam was built, and just recently someone noticed they contained the N-word. Corps of Engineers had them all changed, even though they were historical artifacts.

    Who decides what is unacceptably objectionable to us “whiteys”?

  5. Buckaroo

    West of me about 70 miles is a small rise(or hill, remember, this is flat ground country) that was called n####r hill. It was named after the 1877 lost negro expedition from Fort Concho (San Angelo, TX) where a group of buffalo soldiers camped one night after getting lost and running out of water searching for Comanches. Several years back it was certainly changed. I have ran across several “white mountain” locations here in the west, but so far, that has not been a problem!

  6. Steven

    Love this line:

    “It’s getting to be you can’t tell the players without a race card.”

    Well played sir, well played.

  7. formwiz

    One presumes the word Negro is acceptable to the NAACP (which was a fine organization 50 years ago, btw) only because some white people want to change it.

    Presumably it was changed to Negro back in the dim time without a lot of fanfare to be more respectable.

    Community organized.

  8. Bob G.

    If you’ve ever watched the TV show FRINGE, they postulate the possibilitiues of “alternate realities”.
    Seems we found US ONE…!

    Slipped right through it while we apparently slept (I think it was a Tuesday)
    And yes, it IS BIZARRO WORLD!

    You stay safe out there.

  9. Jack

    Growing up there I remember as a child that it was called “Nixxxr Bill Canyon” and no one thought anything of it, it was named for the black man that lived there, He was just called Nixxxr Bill.

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