These Boots Were Make For Sulkin’

To me, Ugg boots have always been the footwear version of Kate Hudson: wildly popular, but ugly as sin.

Now it seems that the women of the world have finally come to their senses, and rejected the boots like they reject Hudson’s films.

They were once the height of fashion worn by fashionistas from Kate Moss to Stella McCartney. But it seems we’ve now fallen out of love with the comfy Ugg boot, as sales of the shoes have plummeted this year.

Ugg’s parent group Deckers have seen sales drop 31 per cent in its third quarter of the year. The company expects profits to drop further by the end of the year while their shares have also fallen to a three-year low.

Cheaper imitations, rising prices and a warm summer have been blamed for the recent lack of interest in the sheepskin shoes which originated in Australia.

Then let’s put another sheepskin on the barbie and kill these boots with fire.

4 thoughts on “These Boots Were Make For Sulkin’

  1. bob (either orr)

    They may be Uggly, but in certain areas they’re damned practical… My daughter has a couple of pair, which come in handy in State College. A little ugliness is a lot better than frostbitten toes.

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