The Towering Inferno

Apparently the rumors are true; funny guys get the babes.

His Family Guy alter-ego – the hopeless Chris Griffin – would be kill to be Seth Green. The 5’4″ actor squired gorgeous wife Clare Grant to Variety’s 3rd Power of Comedy at Avalon in the heart of Hollywood on Saturday night.

And although his wife of over two years is only three inches taller at 5’7, she towered over her diminutive husband in sky-high heels.

Meh, everyone is the same size when they’re horizontal, amirite?

14 thoughts on “The Towering Inferno

  1. Jon Brooks

    A little more discrepancey in size and he could use her as a self powered kayak. (Sorry its early)

  2. MelP

    Ever see the vid of Mickey Rooney standing next to Jayne Mansfield? All he said was “who wants to be tall?”

  3. Dannytheman

    I like tall girls, you have to go “up” on them.

    I’m betting she sees an opportunity to live well, while she is introduced around town. Call my a cynic.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Formwiz – Good point. Now where did he leave his hiking boots?

    Jon – I’m strangely shuddering at that visual.

    Robert B. – Well played.

    MelP – Heh, nice reference.

    Danny – Not sure what her “career” was like prior to marriage, so…

    Ferrell – Ba-zing!

  5. John D

    “Meh, everyone is the same size when they’re horizontal, amirite?”

    Unless you’re Rosie O’Donnell, in which case the horizontal equals the vertical.

  6. EFG

    Wyatt: “Apparently the rumors are true; funny guys get the babes.”


    Sure. If by “funny guys” you mean funny guys who are also wealthy, powerful, and held in high societal regard.

    AKA…Alpha males.

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