Sheena: Queen Of The Thunder

After constant, almost daily, hat tips from Captain America, I figured I would introduce everyone to Philadelphia’s newest weather bunny.

[T]he reason the Daily News is profiling NBC10 meteorologist Sheena Parveen is not because she is more accurate in her forecasts than other weather people on local TV news programs. The reason is that, thanks to her stunning visage and engaging presence, the 26-year-old weather reporter has become the market’s newest “It Girl.”

[T]he only person in the Delaware Valley who doesn’t seem to get it about Parveen is Parveen. During a recent interview, she scoffed at the suggestion she’s become something of a sex symbol.

“To be honest,” she said, “I don’t think about that. That’s not a concern of mine. I’m not here to try to look good, so if it comes along with it, I’m flattered. But it’s nothing that I think about.

Stop it. I get that she’s being honest, but believe me; Parveen knows she’s hot. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m sure she relishes the attention.

There’s another, hotter, photo below the fold.

Am I right, or am I right?

14 thoughts on “Sheena: Queen Of The Thunder

  1. Steven

    Lol, she knows she’s hot – and no doubt she’s used that to get to where she is: but, MENTION that and gals like her seem to take exception … “wanting to be taken seriously” for her talent.

    But, again, were she 250 pounds and had pock marked skin she’d never have made it to where she is. I don’t mean to be mean, but seriously , when is the last time any of us saw (male or female) a 300 pound roly-poly bad skin’d person on the news?

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Ajdshootist – And me on my diet. *sad trombone*

    Proof – Well played.

    Steven – The Philly FOX weather chick is a “handsome” woman. Chunky, too. I think she has photos of FOX management.

    Jon – *shudder*

    1. JT

      Ouch !

      She has a great personality and a fine sense of humor and has a solid history of proficiency in her field.

      Also, I was gonna say that nobody ever testified in a court of law that she was incontinent, but I thought that would be tacky.

  3. JT

    Speaking of local talent….

    Fox29′s traffic reporter is Kacie McDonnell, a Villanova Grad, former Fiat spokesperson and a former QVC hostess.

    You can view her at work here……

    I’m speaking from a perfectly neutral viewpoint, because I walk to work, but if I were forced to take a lie detector test, I would have to admit that I think she is Wonderful…. with a capital WOO-WOO.

    You can view other pics of her here…..

    You’re welcome.

  4. Dr. Evil

    She is awesome when on Preston and Steve. Absolutely teh HAWT.

    Sheena is…a punk rocker! (Always good to make a Ramone’s reference)

  5. formwiz

    She looks like she will do nicely.

    The Philadelphia market hasn’t had that many lookers over the years. Jane Whitney was cute, but who else?

    PS Sue Serio wasn’t that bad looking. I remember her from the channel 12 weather.

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