Santa’s Gonna Need A Bigger Sleigh

The Christmas season is upon us, and that means suckers the world over are looking for a memorable gift.

Now anyone can receive the “it” gift of the season. If you’re into being a sheep, more power to ya.

Me? I’d rather find something truly unique under my tree this Christmas . . .

Like these freakin’ kickass shark socks!

These are some “sharks eating your feet” socks created by Lisa Grossman (aka the Tsarina of Tsocks). The shark socks look like they’re eating your feet. They’re not though, it’s just an illusion. Like true happiness.

Yeah, these socks are very cool; and that’s no bull shark.

10 thoughts on “Santa’s Gonna Need A Bigger Sleigh

  1. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Toothy – I know, right?

    Metoo – I’m a simple man with simple tastes.

    Sally Anne – Fantastic accessorizing there!

    Bob G – My daughter thinks they’re cool. Good enough for me.

    Dr. Evil – Deadpool. *drools*

    Fenway – Frickin’ laser beams!

  2. Jon Brooks

    At the Christmas party to liven things up slip a big hit of LSD into their eggnog then get them to put the socks on before they get off. Then scream at them when they’re tripping…”You’re sharkskin boots are alive!!! Run!! Run!!”

    1. Jon Brooks


      (Unless you’re from Kentucky..then…its ‘You are sharkskin boots are alive!!!…)

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