Rum-ble In The Bronx

Hurricane Sandy did more than its fair share of tearing up trees, washing away homes, and flooding entire shore towns.

Now, while those events are tragic, none of them compare to the travesty that has befallen the New York City metropolitan area.

They. Are. Out. Of. Booze.

Floodwaters from the massive hurricane smashed a New Jersey liquor distributor, causing tens of millions of dollars in damage to its supply of top-shelf alcohol, the company said.

Yesterday, a sad mix of liquor and slush puddled on the ground outside Fedway Associates Inc.’s warehouse in Kearny — where the smell of red wine hung in the air as workers piled boxes and broken glass into an 8-foot-tall mountain.

The flood could leave countless Garden State drinkers crying in their glasses. Fedway is the state’s exclusive distributor of Cristal and other popular beverages, such as Svedka vodka.

That’s a shame. I’ll have to toast their good health with a Captain and Coke. Heh.

10 thoughts on “Rum-ble In The Bronx

    1. Jim Scrummy

      Multiple Choice answers: a): a two hour coffee break; b): a two hour smoke break; c): mid-morning lunch break extending into the late afternoon; d): who really cares they all suck; and of course e): all of the above.

  1. andycanuck

    This must be a lie. The MFM and Christie told me that Obama fixed everything on the Friday before the election.

    1. Jim Scrummy

      The fat man must been low on his Krispy Kream sugar content to think that everything was gonna be fixed by the light worker. Or he’s a d-bag. I go with d-bag. Oh well, my sympathy light is out right now for these people in NJ/NYC metro area. To think that gubmint can save you after a disaster like this, which wasn’t half as bad as Katrina. Hahahahaha ha. Hopefully, this is a wake up call for everyone, especially in the northeast-east coast. Mississippi was hit just as hard as New Orleans, didn’t hear them pissing an moaning. They got back to work, and rebuilt.

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