Recalling the Heady Days Of The WWF

Meet Titusville, PA Police Officer Aaron Madden. Madden moonlights as a professional wrestler, and agreed to model for a poster benefiting a United Way campaign. The townsfolk do not approve.

A northwestern Pennsylvania police officer who moonlights as a professional wrestler is losing his head in a case of poster vandalism.

No, Titusville Officer Aaron Madden isn’t terribly upset — even though his head has been torn off a life-size poster of him posing as his rasslin’ alter ego, Luscious Rocky Reynolds.

Madden posed for the picture as part of a local United Way campaign. His head has been torn off three times in the several weeks since it’s been posted on the side of a building in Titusville, about 80 miles north of Pittsburgh.

Madden said he is looking forward to hitting the vandal over the head with a chair.

4 thoughts on “Recalling the Heady Days Of The WWF

  1. Bob G.

    Just can’t do any proper moonlighting anymore, can you?
    Then again, it IS “western” PA…
    (I’m thinking SLEEPER-HOLD)

    Stay safe

  2. Dr. Evil

    Who, ultimately, gives a crap? So long as his moonlighting does interfere with his duties as an officer or is not illegal, let him have his jollies.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Vicki – Not exactly a hot vacation spot?

    Bob G. – I moonlight as an unemployed gigolo.

    Dr. Evil – If the poster is any indication, this guy is not exactly someone you want to mess with.

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