Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that warp drive is theoretically possible. The bad news is that it would theoretically vaporize planets upon arrival.

When activated, space behind the drive would expand while that in front of the drive would contract. In the meantime the ship would travel in a stable ‘pocket’, or ‘bubble in space’, according to extremetech.com.

But the Australian research indicates that the high-energy particles that are constantly shooting around space could get swept up in the ship’s warp field and become trapped in the ‘bubble’, with more and more of the particles filling the stable pocket the longer the journey lasts.

While this would not affect the drive’s ability to achieve warp speed, the instant it is disengaged that space-time gradient allowing it to move faster than light is gone. Researchers now believe those particles would be blasted out in front of the ship, destroying anything around it.

In a completely unrelated note, al Qaeda is now developing a warp drive to annihilate alien infidels.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

  1. Jon Brooks

    I read about this earlier, pretty cool. Target the enemy planet and drop out of warp, no need to build a Death star, saving quadrillions in earth credits. The jihadi’s will be estatic.

    I wonder though since 99.99% of the interstellar mass trapped and energized in the field will be hydrogen, why not just collect the hydrogen as you go since the volume around the ship will be small. You can then use it for fuel for other things when you get to your destination, like your Coleman Fusion stove. Of course that .01% converted to energy at warp drop out, might still waste a small moonlet.

  2. Bob G.

    And maybe that’s WHY the Enterprise dropped out of warp WAY before entering a solar system…completely logical.
    (otherwise the UFP would be on a helluva lot MORE sh*t-lists across the galaxy)

    “Make it so”.

    Roll safe (and nicely “warped”) out there.

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