15 thoughts on “I Can’t Take It

  1. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jim – It’s 9:15pm, and I’m saying it’s over. We lost. Heard it here first.

    AJ – George Will, Karl Rove, and Dick Morris can go frak themselves. Landslide my Aunt Fanny!

  2. Jon Brooks

    I’m playing BF3. Oh well it looks like we’re still the obamaphone ladies wage slaves for her lifestyle.

  3. j.Biros

    I feel sorry for my kids. They are going to have to deal with the results of 8 years of Obama.
    I really don’t feel the U.S. will ever be the same.
    The Constitution will just be a footnote in the future.
    I hope Im wrong.
    I am majorly depressed. I am gonna drink the whole liquor cabinet.

  4. Dr. Evil

    Anyone else going to be looking for a second/third job to support everyone who voted for Obama?

    Any suggestions?

  5. marguerita farrell

    don’t stop blogging! us hobbits (lord of the rings…. ?hope you get the joke) need striders (dam if you don’t get this, this will be the weirdest post ever!)) to keep it real, super, dinner, second super, dinner, more beer and the striders keeping us all safe…. oh and by the way the check was gratefully received…have a great day…. you do know that your blog is weirdly a blog that we all keep on coming back too…. weird that!…in a good way!) have a great day and please do not stop blogging!!!

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