Hey Nutter, Put This Stat In A Tourism Ad

Philadelphia can finally brag about being first in the country in something!

An increasing number of consumers continue to make the switch to smartphones, which means more thefts around the country. According to a report from gadget insurance site Protect Your Bubble, users are more likely to get their shiny new device stolen in Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach and Newark compared to other locations. Rounding out the top 10 are Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York and Boston..

The company’s research found that 113 smartphones are stolen or lost in the U.S. every minute and users are most likely to lose their device at a fast food restaurant or grocery store. In fact, phone thefts are said to account for 40% of all New York City robberies and nearly 70% of all cell phones stolen on subways and buses are iPhones. (H/TSmite)

I can vouch for this stat, as most of our thefts/robberies are cell phone-related. In fact, I had a job last night where a 14-year old girl was beaten up for her iPhone. Don’t be stupid. Be wary, and watch your surroundings.

7 thoughts on “Hey Nutter, Put This Stat In A Tourism Ad

  1. Vicki

    Well, I mean really, Cleveland was shat out of Lake Erie and has been a crap pile ever since (like the rest of this mentally deficient state), and Baltimore….well, don’t get me started on Baltimore.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Some of the leftist garden spots of the USA are in the top 10 for cell phone theft. Oh gee, not surprised. I guess some are “Obamaphones”…

    What is a 14 yo kid doing with an iPhone?

    Condition Yellow, ALWAYS. Does not matter where, what, who, etc., watch your surroundings and know where the exits are in case you have to beat feet. That’s what I am trying to teach my kids.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Vicki – How about that Ray Lewis? *ducks*

    Jim – I thought the same thing. I have a two-year old Droid X and this chick is walking around with an iPhone. And yes, most of these high-risk cities are Democrat-run. Go figure.

    LDIV – That’s brilliant! I am so stealing it.

  4. Bob G.

    Hey, it’s ALSO good to know (?) that Philly made the FBI’s 2011 list of TOP 25 WORST CITIES (as far as crimes go).
    Even if it’s in the bottom 10 of that short list.

    Thank you, Democratic party!

    Roll safe.

  5. bob (either orr)

    Have they swiped John “Wrong Way” Street’s gadgets yet? I remember him standing in line (or, probably more accurately, having one of his flunkies standing in line) for an early iPhone.

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