Dance On Da Ground, Dance On Da Ground

Delly’s lookin’ like a fool with her dance on da ground . . .

A dancer was knocked unconscious when she smashed her head on the ground following a failed dance routine live on Peruvian television.

Delly Madrid, who is also a model, was performing on the dancing program when she attempted to balance on a bamboo pole being held by two other dancers.

But as the 32-year-old balanced on the prop it collapsed and she crashed face-first to the floor. Immediately after the fall, the startled dancer can be seen clutching her head and trying to rise but she eventually collapses on to the ground.

Thankfully she hit her head, so there was no permanent damage. And because I love you so, there is video below the fold. Enjoy!

Some people would say I’m heartless for giggling at someone else’s misfortune. Hey, it’s what I do.

9 thoughts on “Dance On Da Ground, Dance On Da Ground

  1. Jon Brooks

    The three gay guys off to the left didn’t even notice. LOL

    It would also take an elephant to break a bamboo pole that large in diameter if it hadn’t been modified or tampered with. Hmmmm….unless she’s made of exotic dark matter? Those butt cheeks looked pretty solid.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Hey I like the dwarf singer. Adds to the comedy. Damn, she’s hawt (of course in a different dimension I would have a 1% chance of scoring a female this hawt, as to the 0% chance now)! And I see the use of the word pole…

    1. JT

      It’s all in the timing.

      If Charles Manson showed up on her doorstep with a bottle of aspirin, she’d probably let him in.

  3. Desert Rat

    Dwarf lounge singers, hot chicks in grass skirts swinging on poles, music with trumpets in it, and face-planting good times.

    Does anybody else think that we just don’t have any fun in America anymore? Because after watching that vid, it’s obvious those crazy South Americans know how to party. We need some of that up here.

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