Caption Contest Winners

The Black Friday Caption Contest is now over. Here’s how we did:

Top Five Entries:
5. As he clutched the last Miley Cyrus blowup doll, Eddie let the feeling of raw power wash over him. – JT
4. The main free stuff here is loaders. – Rodney Dill
3. The very last box of Twinkies. – Kaveman
2. “Brains!!!!!” – Sully

WINNER! – Star Trek TOS: The two red shirted crewmen who beamed down never knew what hit them.Proof

2 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winners

  1. JT

    Thank you.

    And I would like to take this opportunity to say…..

    HEY !

    CBS !

    Ya wanna save some money ?

    I’ll tell people not to watch Two and a Half Men for
    250 G’s a year.

    And for ANOTHER 50 Grand less, I’ll tell people not to watch CBS At ALL !

    I can be reached through this blog.

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