Apparently Hope Is A Dope

U.S. soccer star Hope Solo was in a Seattle courtroom on Tuesday after her fiancée was arrested for assaulting her.

“But but, I love him!” Trust me, Hope; this was just the opening card. You have forty years of main event matches ahead of you.

Former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens spent Tuesday — which was to have been his wedding day — in court after being arrested on suspicion that he assaulted his fiancée, Olympic soccer star Hope Solo.

At the hearing on Stevens’ 33rd birthday, the judge ruled there was no evidence linking the ex-Seahawk to an assault and released him. Stevens wasn’t charged — but the case is still being investigated.

Stevens and Solo, who began their romance two months ago, had gotten into a quarrel about whether they would settle in Florida or Washington after they wed, according to court documents.

There were unconfirmed reports yesterday that the couple got married later on Tuesday.

In my almost 20 years as a police officer, I have seen hundreds of abused women either refuse to prosecute or drop the charges altogether. It truly saddens me to see Solo falling into that trap. Her marriage will not end well.

17 thoughts on “Apparently Hope Is A Dope

  1. realwest

    This is indeed a sad story Wyatt. In my admittedly limited experience, some women see their “lovers” beating them up as proof that their lovers “Love them”.
    No, I don’t understand it either, but then again I don’t understand the fairly well documented knowledge that someone who was abused as a young person grows up to be an abuser him/herself.
    But its still a sad thing to hear about when a guy who is obviously fairly LARGE beats up on a woman to “show his affection”.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    I never understood why a woman would stay with a man who beats her? Same with cheating when married (both people)?

    They’ve only known each other for 2 months? Now getting married? I should start a marriage pool on how long this lasts. I’ll take 4 months and 23 days, even that may be too long.

  3. Cathy

    I give the marriage 6 months.
    Hope needs to learn how to use a cast iron skillet. Great way to relieve stress.

  4. Bob G.

    That damn co-dependency is always a bugger, isn’t it?
    (not to mention another dynamic that is obvious when you put their pictures side-by-side)

    Roll safe out there

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Real – He’s a scumbag, and worse, was a lousy player in his NFL days.

    Jim – It’ll be a typical celebrity marriage. Chock full of arrest reports and infidelity.

    Cathy – T-Fal. Nothing sticks to it.

    Bob G. – It’ll be no one’s fault but her own.

  6. AJ Lynch

    “Jerramy”? A pet peeve of mine is parents who use what they think are unique spellings for traditional names. I just call the parents idiots.

  7. Wyatt Earp Post author

    AJ – In fairness, they probably thought that was the way it is usually spelled. Such was the case for NBA player “Anfernee” Hardaway. His mother actually thought that was the way Anthony was spelled. Friggin’ idiot.

  8. Robbie

    Let’s pray someone can talk some sense into her before she becomes a battered wife – I wish someone had told me that he can’t love you that much if he CHOOSES

  9. Vicki

    Co-dependency is a bitch, that’s for sure. But so is being told over and over how worthless you are, how no one else will ever want you because you’re such a piece of sh*t, even that your own parents don’t love you.

    Oh wait, that happened to me. So while I wasn’t cut and what bruises I had were covered up by my clothes, I was in an abusive relationship. I stayed because the asshole made me feel like crap…long story.

    But hey, what do I know.

  10. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – Which one?

    Robbie – I’d like to think her family would talk some sense into her, but who knows?

    Vicki – These two have known each other for two months. I wonder if he could so destroy her self-esteem in that short a span that she decided to marry him?

  11. Randal Graves

    Q: What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?

    A: Nothing; you already told her twice.


  12. Robbie

    I was going to say something else in support of women who are beat by their husbands but Randal’s joke was in such poor taste I thought I’d point that out instead….ok, I’m over it now

  13. formwiz

    My bride was in such a marriage, but she refused to take it and bailed (that’s part of how we met).

    The irony is there are a lot of women in her profession (nursing) who take on slobs like this as reclamation projects and put in 20 years of abuse and heartache before they have enough – if they ever do.

  14. EFG

    Wyatt: “In my almost 20 years as a police officer, I have seen hundreds of abused women either refuse to prosecute or drop the charges altogether.”


    Yup. And I’ve met hundreds of women who insist that they “just want to meet a nice guy”. Whilst endlessly dating cads and ne’er do wells.

    Never listen to what women tell you. They lie to you and most of all to themselves.

    Watch and observe what they do.

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