A Woman Among Girls

Yes, teen stars; one day you may look as delicious as Christina Hendricks. Or not.

Teenage actresses Elle Fanning and Alice Englert must have felt more like the extras when their sexy co-star Christina Hendricks arrived at the Hollywood premiere of their movie.

[Hendricks], who plays Elle’s mother in the movie, stole the show in a low-cut black sequined dress that showed off her impressive cleavage. The famously curvy 37-year-old wore a matching black sequined headpiece in her hair which had been styled into face-framing tendrils.

As the blogosphere’s foremost authority on Christina pics, I can say with surety that this is the best photo of her I have ever seen. The dress is spectacular, the hair is dead sexy, and I even like the headpiece.

Does that make me gay?

13 thoughts on “A Woman Among Girls

  1. Jon Brooks

    They only make them like this in the USA!

    To answer your question…..no. Only if you want to wear it.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jon – Nah, I don’t look good in pastels.

    Danny – It’s the sex with men that put me over the top, isn’t it?

    Uncle Ray – Like loving lavish Broadway musicals?

    Doc – Definitely a good night’s sleep.

    Jim – Sweet! Oh wait . . .

  3. formwiz

    Gay only if you mean happy and carefree – she would make any man feel that way wouldn’t she?

    You can just see them quivering with every move she makes (could you pick up those 2 quarters? they’re right by your feet)

    And, if she’s Mom to those girls, I hope she wet-nursed them.

  4. Bob G.

    Sorry…what was the post about?
    (too busy picture-gawkin)

    I say we issue a photo of Christina to every male in the military with the caption:
    “THIS is what you’re fighting for!”

    Hell, we’d win every conflict in a damn WEEK!
    (if not sooner…)

    Stay safe.

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