Lifestyles Of The Rich And Lame-Assed

Heidi Montag, the woman who complained plastic surgery ruined her life, appeared at the Crazy Horse III party this weekend . . . sporting her newly-purchased cans.

With her surgically enhanced figure on full display, Heidi Montag looked as if she was auditioning for a job as she arrived at a Vegas strip club. But instead Heidi was hosting the third birthday celebrations at the Crazy Horse III gentleman’s club in Las Vegas.

As she posed for the cameras it was clear the 26-year-old had gone without a bra, with the see-through top showing off the results of her E-cup breast enlargement.

Heidi, who at the peak of her fame underwent ten plastic surgeries in one day, also revealed she doesn’t miss reality TV and is happy to have taken a step back from fame.

[She] is living with Spencer’s parents rent-free after going broke last year, regrets their previous lavish lifestyle and is embarrassed with how she acted when she found fame.

Next thing you know, she’ll be living in a van down by the river.

5 thoughts on “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Lame-Assed

  1. Jim Scrummy

    She and hubby should just throw the towel in and go to pron. This was the teaser to jump start their new careers. They are both dumber than dumb, which would make them well suited for the pron industry.

    Sad in a way.

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