This Woman’s Favorite Artist? Coldplay

Last night, we had a few violent storms pummel the Philly area. At one point, we were actually under a tornado watch.

Now, as bad as the winds and rain had become, I never once said to myself, “Hey, ya know what? We should take shelter . . . in the freezer.”

A Tulsa woman missing since Saturday has been found alive in a deep freezer, where she hid during severe storms over the weekend.

Tulsa police officer Jillian Roberson says the 59-year-old woman was found Wednesday morning after worried relatives went to the woman’s apartment complex in search of her. She was transported with frostbite on her legs to a Tulsa hospital, where she is listed in fair condition.

Roberson says authorities believe the woman climbed into the freezer to seek shelter during last week’s round of severe storms that hit the Tulsa area, but couldn’t get out once the storms had passed. (H/T – 911)

So basically she turned herself into a flopsicle? Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

7 thoughts on “This Woman’s Favorite Artist? Coldplay

  1. mrmacs

    So, with a 2×4 up her posterior, would she have become a popsicle or she had expired in situ, a corpsicle?

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