Take This Lot And Shove It

Regular readers know that there are a lot of things I hate about my city’s government. I show them disdain when warranted, and praise them when deserved.

Guess what I do more often?

Take this story, for example. This tale should appear on every blog, tweet, and Facebook page in America, because it perfectly captures the way Philadelphia operates.

As the old adage goes, no good deed goes unpunished. Ori Feibush says he visited the local offices of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority four times, sent in seven written requests and made 24 phone calls to the agency asking them to take care of a major eyesore: an empty lot next to his coffee shop was home to more than 40 tons of debris.

Not only did the agency fail to act but it also denied Feibush’s offer to clean up the mess himself. But Feibush went ahead with his plans anyway, reportedly spending more than $20,000 of his own money not only to remove the trash but also to level the soil; add cherry trees, fencing and park benches; and repave the sidewalk.

[The city demanded] Feibush return the vacant lot to its previous condition and saying it is considering legal action against him.

Yeah, just track down all that trash and place it where it was. Morons.

Check out the doublespeak coming from this over-officious jerk:

“Like any property owner, [the authority] does not permit unauthorized access to or alteration of its property,” Paul D. Chrystie, director of communications at the Office of Housing and Community Development told the paper. “This is both on principle (no property owner knowingly allows trespassing) and to limit taxpayer liability.”

And the situation is not without irony. Feibush says he received a citation in August 2011 from the city for litter on the same lot that the city now points out is not his property.

Dear President Obama, THIS is the difference between the government and the private sector. One entity is usually completely and utterly useless. The other is usually able to make things happen. Here endeth the lesson.

16 thoughts on “Take This Lot And Shove It

  1. Jon Brooks

    Doing something for the betterment of his city and its people? How dare he the miserable miscreant!

    ( maybe he could find a way to dedicate the park to obamboid so that when he has to return the tons of trash he can feel better about himself)

  2. John D

    Ah, the beauty of one-party rule. No (political) competition means that service will suffer. Incompetence, and even outright hostility, go unpunished, therefore they continue to proliferate. This is why big cities, especially in the Northeast, are all in such horrible shape.

    That’s why I moved to the ‘burbs. We have our problems too, but it’s easier to get rid of pols if they get a case of the stupids. Having that fate hanging over their heads makes them a bit more responsive.

  3. Randal Graves

    I read about this earlier in the week and thought “hey, what that guy did was pretty nice but the city is a bunch of a-holes”.

    Now that they have a picture of exactly what he did I’m thinking “hey, what that guy did was FRIGGIN’ AWESOME but the city is a bunch of a-holes”.

  4. metoo

    Go figure. Who would rather have a lot full of refuse and vermin instead of benches and trees?? Nobody…um not so fast let me check in Philly. Looks like your fair city doesn’t know if it’s coming or going.

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jon – The way these people run the city is a disgrace. No common sense at all.

    John D – I would ask the city to give a Republican mayor/city council four years. Four years. If nothing changes, they can have Democrats for the next 100.

    It’ll never happen, because a change would go a long way to recovery, but hey, people want to vote for their own demise, I guess.

    Randal – No, no, the park looked much better covered in trash!

    Ferrell – See what happens when people throw off the yoke of The Party?

    Bob – I’ll bet Chrystie makes six figures. Easy.

    Metoo – It’s a failed city, like almost every Democrat-run city in America.

  6. Ralph Short

    No doubt about it this is the best reflection of government and it’s microscopic intelligence as it becomes bigger and bigger.

  7. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Ralph – If nothing changes, Philadelphia will be exactly like Detroit in another decade.

    Uncle Ray – True enough, and that’s a damned shame.

  8. Brian

    Get your family, friends and yourself out of there. Let us know when you’re settled then we’ll nuke it from orbit and/or let the dems and haji’s go at it.
    If you’re not settled and reinforcing your stronghold community now it’s pretty much to late.
    Having grown up with people who had parents with numerical tattoos and others with tales of escaping this crap in the middle of the night one step ahead of the secret police I’m not amused.

  9. deadcenter

    Put Squidly’s name on one of the benches, then enlist the local media, both lame stream and social, to publicize the act. Shame the city government. Post the before pictures, post the receipts for debris removal, post it all and force them to back off through embarrassment. Facebook, twitter, hashtag #squidlypark. Government hates being embarrassed and should retreat pretty quickly.

  10. Bob G.

    You don’t have to tell me…I used to live in Philly.
    SO WHENEVER I hear the phrase “redevelopment authority”, all the hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention…
    (wonder why?)

    Good post.

    Roll safe.

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