Staff Inspector Is An Apt Title Here

The prevailing opinion in Philadelphia is that the majority of the police officers here are corrupt. Judging by recent news stories, however, it’s been less cops and more top bosses making the front page of the local news rags.

It would appear that in the PPD, we follow the theory of trickle-down corruption.

POLICE COMMISSIONER Charles Ramsey has asked an outside law firm to investigate the conduct of one of the department’s highest-ranking officers. Staff Inspector Jerrold Bates, allegedly coerced former aide Keisha Johnson into a sexual relationship to keep her job.

The District Attorney’s Office also has launched a probe to determine whether Bates should face criminal charges, Ramsey said.

Bates is a former top supervisor in the police Internal Affairs Bureau, which investigates complaints against police officers. He was also the bureau’s Equal Employment Opportunity Officer in charge of investigating abuse, harassment and discrimination complaints within the department.

Bates had a history of alleged domestic violence well before Johnson filed her complaint July 3 with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Yet Bates repeatedly got promoted through the ranks until he landed in Internal Affairs.

I don’t know Bates, but I worked with Johnson when I was in patrol. In my opinion, she was a bum; someone who only picked up the radio to put herself out to lunch, and rarely to answer a job. That being said, she appears to be the victim here, and if these charges are true, Bates needs to go: quickly.

6 thoughts on “Staff Inspector Is An Apt Title Here

  1. Bob G.

    Seems EVERY department has some of these “officers”, and a few even manage to lazy their way UP the damn brass ladder.
    (trickle DOWN..indeed)

    Many wind up where they are thanks to affirmative action.

    ANd how’s that working out these days?
    (with Bates…not so much)
    Lose the “excess baggage” in the department.

    You roll safe out there.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    John D – If this is true, then he needs to lose his badge.

    Bob G. – Guy’s a problem? Promote him! (That’s what they did with me.)

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