You Can’t Spell Hipwort Without WPHT

Shut up. I couldn’t find an adequate word, so you’ll take “hipwort” and like it.

If you are in the Philadelphia area and, like me, enjoy real conservative talk radio – instead of the drek 1210-AM puts forth – your prayers will soon be answered.

Rush Limbaugh has left WPHT 1210-AM and he will be airing on IQ 106.9 FM tomorrow morning. IQ will be airing WPHT’s old (and successful) lineup of Glenn Beck, Rush, and Sean Hannity.

Thank. God. Now I can take a magnet and erase 1210 – along with that no-talent fraud Michael Smerconish – from my radio forever.

14 thoughts on “You Can’t Spell Hipwort Without WPHT

  1. BillN

    Wyatt thanks for the heads up. When I heard they were dropping Rush and putting Smerky on 12-3 my head just about popped.

    I spend a lot of time on the road between 10 and 4 and I genrally go back and forth betwee WPHT and WIP. I like Dom G. but if I was going to have to listen to all sports between noon and 4 it was gonna be rough.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Bill N – Happy to help, but WPHT didn’t drop Rush. His syndicator left because they want to move to FM markets. It’ll be nice to listen to it on FM, and nicer to see Smerconish fail.

  3. bob (either orr)

    I, too, generally like Dom G. But usually when I’m at home in the AM and awake, I’m listening online to Mark Davis, the Dallas-Fort Worth guy who fills in for Rush on occasion. (FYI, it’s
    Couldn’t agree more about Smurfconish, Wyatt. And Buzz Bissinger in the old Smurf spot??? WTF??? I heard him once filling in for the Smurf and that was about seven times too often.

  4. Jack Rackim

    Thank you for this information. I knew about the change but didnt know the new station number.
    And I agree about smerconish. He is all about him.

  5. realwest

    Howdy Wyatt – good news for you and Philly folks in general.
    Since this means you’ll be getting Rush on FM now good news indeed!!

    Oh and btw, when you get a chance, could you please check your e-mail?!

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Bob – It’s unreal. They have ZERO talent at that station (with the possible exception of Giordano), so they throw up nobodies to fill the time.

    Jack – That always annoyed me, too. Hell, 1210 isn’t even the only station that carries the Phils anymore, so they can’t even hold on to that.

    Real – Beck, Rush, and Hannity (who I don’t really like) from 9am through 6pm. And if you don’t find someone you like, 990 AM WNTP has great hosts, too, like Dennis Prager.

  7. AJ Lynch

    Thanks Wyatt.

    Wpht 1210 must be following the Phila Inquirer’s business plan “If the paying customers are sick of our librul reporters and stories, just give them more til they are former customers!”

  8. Wyatt Earp Post author

    AJ – Even the morning guy, Stigall, who fancies himself a “conservative” is hosting an event pimping Ed Rendell’s book. I knew I was right about that guy.

  9. formwiz

    I go back to the old days of WWDB and remember Rush from there – Smerconish was just getting started, as was Giordano.

    Is Evil Irv Homer still around?

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