Another Darwin Near Miss

Meet Keithan Manuel. He’s what we in the police business would call a “dumbass.”

Keithan Manuel is sitting inside the Dallas County Jail Tuesday night waiting for someone to believe him – it was a joke, he told investigators. Police, however, say the 18-year-old walked into the Wilmer Police Department Saturday evening with a white towel covering his hands.

Police Chief Victor Kemp described the incident saying, “[A] young man approached the dispatch window there and told our Communications Officer ‘give me all your money. He said he’d like to check on a warrant, but he gave a different name and after a few moments of maybe playing it off he said ‘you do know I have a gun’.”

“She called for officers immediately and called for backup from another agency,” Kemp recalled. “The officers arrived and were able to take him down at gunpoint.” (H/TSmite, Rickey)

Unfortunately, they didn’t take him down hard enough, because he’s not covered in bruises. What is the world coming to when Texas officers use restraint? /snark

10 thoughts on “Another Darwin Near Miss

  1. L Frame S&W

    I will look forward to seeing this on “The Worlds Dumbest Criminals” in September!

  2. Bob G.


    We definitely need more BANTER at that department’s front desk…

    -”You do know I have a gun?”

    -”Yeah, and THIS department has SEVERAL HUNDRED…soon to be pointed in YOUR general direction, so what’s yer point, asshole?”

    Desk personnel need some REAL training in that.


    Restraint? What the hell is THAT?

    Roll safe out there.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    JT – He was going to slap the dispatcher with it, as if he was in a high school locker room.

    mdmhvonpa – When towels are outlawed, only outlaws will have towels.

    Jon – Then he could have detonated his pants.

    L Frame – This guy is Top 5.

    Bob G. – We almost always wear our guns on our hips inside the building. It would be a bloodbath.

  4. fozzy

    First you had the obscene caller to 911 and now this guy. Maybe they just want to be locked up, get free room and board.

  5. Deputy Polarbear

    He is lucky he didnt try that out here LA…there are armed Deputies/Officers at every front counter.

    The last thing he would have heard after saying “I have a gun” would have been the striker hitting the firing pin on a desk officers handgun.

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