77? Really, Maxim?

Maxim’s Hot 100 list came out this week, and Christina Hendricks was #77. Well below such “hot” women as Victoria Justice, JWOWW, and Stephen Colbert.

Bar Refaeli is the hottest woman in the world according to Maxim magazine. Honestly, I can’t argue with that. Bar is quite spectacular. The rest of the Maxim Hot 100 list is stupid as usual.

Luckily, I’m realizing that they put people like – Kristen Stewart (15), Victoria Justice (19), Emma Watson (21), Selena Gomez (24), Taylor Swift (26), Lily Collins (56), Miley Cyrus (68), Stephen Colbert (69), JWoww (74) Christina Hendricks (77), Lois Griffin (85), Amanda Knox (92), Kat Dennings (97) – on the list so people will… talk… or something.

Maybe I’m biased – okay, I’m definitely biased – but how is the pasty, scrawny chick from Twilight ranked higher than Christina Hendricks?

10 thoughts on “77? Really, Maxim?

  1. Jon Brooks

    The upside is that if you turn 77 upside down its…LL… which stands for Lotsa Love.

  2. Ingineer66

    This is the first year it was determined by internet voting. I think it is hilarious that Colbert got on there. First his fans vote his name for a NASA Space Station module and now this.

  3. proof

    “his fans vote his name for a NASA Space Station module” was that the space toilet they’re always talking about on the Big Bang Theory?

    And speaking of Big Bangs, Wyatt is this pique of yours generated by Christina’s treatment or by the fact that your old flame Jessica Biel is off the market now?

  4. Wes S.

    “Maxim” had Taylor Swift ranked ahead of Jessica Biel, which made no sense to me. Still scratching my head over Colbert making the list, and who the hell are Bar Rafeli and Victoria Justice?

    I’m not a curmudgeon or anything, but I haven’t even SEEN some of these people.

    They also put Elisha “Kimmy” Cuthbert on the list at #34, which probably qualifies as Elisha’s biggest role in years…



    “Hot” in their parlance, as you surmised, also means topical. Lets them charge advertisers more.

    As for hawt, well, the babe I posted for Christopher Lee’s 90 birthday is hawter than half the Maxim babes.

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jon – Good point.

    Ingineer66 – Now if only they can vote him to the space station…

    Proof – Timberlake seems like a decent guy. I can’t be too depsressed.

    Wes S. – Justice is a Nickelodeon chick. Bar is an SI Swimsuit model.

    SG – Good point, but some of those chicks are teeny-bopper faves; not faves of men.

  7. Sean D Sorrentino

    Yeah, and they rated Michelle Dockery at #70. I think that you and I have good cause to go and kick every person who voted incorrectly.

    I’m not the expert you are in this subject, but isn’t this sort of thing considered good and sufficient provocation for an ass whipping? Aren’t judges required to give the jury instructions that anyone who votes for Stephen Colbert over Michelle or Christina is offering such a terrible provocation that no red blooded man could possibly be held responsible for kicking the offenders in the dangly bits?

  8. Bob G.

    There’;s a simple explanation…
    They simply DIDN’T poll mature, red-blooded American males…they went with the occupy crowd…lol.
    (such dumbassery – reminds me of Philly gov’t)

    We ALL know which LADY is tops above the rest, right?
    (and wears her tops VERY nicely)

    Roll safe out there.

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