Yeah, About That “War On Women”

Like most Democrat memes, this one is chock full of projection.

Hilary Rosen, a Democrat operative and a partner at Anita Dunn’s PR firm, attacked Ann Romney yesterday over her choice of vocation. Apparently, Ms. Rosen does not think too highly of homemakers, which should make Mrs. Earp very proud. You see, she gave up her teaching career to stay home and raise our four children.

Mrs. Earp works very hard raising our little crumb-crunchers, but in Hilary Rosen’s world, Mrs. Earp is a know-nothing bum.

Hilary Rosen … charged that Ann Romney “hasn’t worked a day in her life” and suggested that Ann Romney can’t possibly understand economic issues because she’s a lowly homemaker:

“What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying, ‘Well, my wife tells me what women really care about are economic issues.’ And, ‘When I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing.’ Guess what? His wife has never actually worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing…”

Considering Ann Romney is a breast cancer survivor who reared five children and played the backbone to her successful husband, I’m not sure this is a battle Democrats want to pick.

The article doesn’t mention it, but Ann Romney also suffers from MS, so Rosen is doubling down on the despicable here. In fact, moments after the story broke on Twitter, both David Axelrod and Jim Messina – Obama’s closest advisers – condemned Rosen’s idiotic comments. What does that tell you?

UPDATE: The real “War on Women” is being waged in the Obama White House, where women are paid less than men.

12 thoughts on “Yeah, About That “War On Women”

  1. Jon Brooks

    It tells me that Ann Romney is lucky she did not have a child with Downs syndrome like Sarah Palin or the family attacks would really get nasty knowing liberal democraps. it also tells me that like with Sarah Palin, they are gearing up for an all out family assault. It makes me want to ask…How soon before Bill Maher is calling her a Stupid ****ing **nt ?
    That after all is just part of their playbook. It also tells me that with the liberal democraps her children will be next on the verbal abuse list.

    It also tells me that the attack on Mitt Romneys family this election cycle will be so brutal that Lucifer himself will say: “Man now thats cold!”

    1. realwest

      I have to say that Mitt Romney was NOT my first choice for the GOP Nomination but it certainly appears that he will get it. And since he will be running against PROBABLY the single WORST President this Nation has ever had, I will vote for Romney.
      But in response to Wyatt’s “both David Axelrod and Jim Messina – Obama’s closest advisers – condemned Rosen’s idiotic comments. What does that tell you?” I’d say that its all a ploy by them. This is how Obama’s team works. Someone says or does something despicable and they verbally distance themselves (only to sneak back if the firestorm they expect DOESN’T happen). No morality, no sense of right or wrong. NOTHING.
      But I’ll bet cash that if Hilary Rosen is heterosexual (and NO I’m NOT implying that she isn’t) and realizes too late how difficult it is to have children AFTER you’ve hit the top of your career, I’ll shed no tears for her.
      As for Axelrod and Messina – y’all want to live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword. Just wait until the “boss” loses AND LOSES BIG in November, and you need jobs; maybe, just maybe Hilary Rosen will have made it to the top of Anita Dunn’s firm and forgive your lack of loyalty to an attack dog that YOU unleashed. NOTHING from the Democrats comes out spontaneously. Axelrod and Messina knew about this before Rosen said it.

      1. Jon Brooks

        Don’t forget we’ll have to probably fight our way past the NBPP contingents at every critical polling station in their Trayvon hoodies, who will be chanting:

        “ERIC HOLDER He’s our man,
        We can be here ’cause,
        He says we can!!..Hey hey…Ho Ho.”

  2. Black Orchid

    I have:

    worked fulltime in a demanding industry as a dept head (creative director) – no children yet

    worked fulltime w/o direct reports at a startup (80+ hour weeks) – had first child then

    worked partly at-home and partly in office (with children)

    been a WAHM FT employee (coming in two days a week for meetings; with children)

    gave up and now freelance and am very happy. I always have work, and can determine how much I take on. I have to do this now that my children are too old for daycare, frankly. that’s when it gets tough I always tell people!!!

    but sometimes I (like recently when my DH was switching jobs) take on NO work and am essentially a SAHM

    Have done all these things and SAH is infinitely the hardest. THE HARDEST THING. So, this is stupid and maddening. I’ve traveled, managed crazy people (creatives), pitched, slept at work, and still – SAH is far and away the hardest thing.

    I’m actually about to take a FT job again b/c a) I can’t take the taxes thing as a freelancer and b) I can’t take not having any “positive feedback” in my work (hardly at all). Plus, you know, the money is good! Am on nanny search now and they’ll have to do CARES in the fall. I couldn’t hack the SAH thing!

  3. John D

    I am sick to death of this idiotic crap from politicians about how they understand “average Americans.” Sorry, but I’m calling BS on that. These people make their livings winning popularity contests. They hold fundraising dinners that charge tens of thousands of dollars a plate. They’re wooed by lobbyists for interest groups and big corporations. They go on “junkets” to exotic locales at the expense of people looking to buy influence. Or they go on vacations at taxpayer expense… on separate jets, no less! NONE of these people is just like us.

    That’s okay with me, as long as they get the policy issues right, I don’t care if they understand my day-to-day challenges. Let me worry about paying my bills, securing health insurance, and raising my kids. Focus on unshackling the economy so it can grow and create jobs. Stop burying the country in debt that my great-grandchildren won’t live long enough to pay off. And please, PLEASE, stop with this moronic kabuki theater about how you’re just “reg’lar folks” like us. /rant

  4. 793rd MP

    In addition to Mrs. Romney’s WORK as a Mother, her volunteer work in the church would make this person look like the idle rich. Mrs. Romney raised her children largley on her own, her husband while working, successfully in the private sector, was also a “lay clergy” in the Mormon church. I am a Mormon & let me tell you Mitt not only held down a 40+ hour a week job he put in another 20-30 hours per week as a Bishop & then a Stake President. Who do you think took care of those 5 growing boys? Ann Romney should be held up as a class example for all young girls to aspire to.

  5. loaded dice in vegas

    Another Despicable Democratic member of th Party.

    Have we had enough of this evil yet?

    No one deserves more praise then a SAHM.

    God Bless ‘em. Especially my MOM and yours.

  6. Ferrell Gummitt

    Imagine if a Republican woman had made that comment about a Democrat.

    Rosen’s comments come across as shrill, condescending, petulant, etc. etc. Just because Ann Romney chose not to work outside the home does not mean that she hasn’t heard plenty from women all over the nation who ARE expressing their views and concerns about the economy. I think Rosen just chose the easy target instead of focusing on the issue of the economy itself.

    Seems to be the current Democratic method.

  7. Randal Graves

    I’d be a stay-at-home dad in a minute!!!

    I’m not saying it’s easy (so don’t get all whiny on me), but:
    1. You get to spend every day with your kid(s), which would be AWESOME!
    2. You don’t have to deal with all the fucking mouth-breathers at work.
    3. If you’re going to be a stereotypical housewife (like the ones I deal with every week at my daughter’s dance class and the ones at the bus stop) and bitch about your kids and how tough it is to raise them, then maybe you should have worn a rubber.

    Looks like Hilary Rosen is pulling an “Ann Coulter”.

  8. John A

    The same Ms. Rosen who was hired by Wasserman-Schultz to help communicate better?Because she did such a great job making RIAA beloved by all?

  9. Fenway_Nation

    This Rosen dame should understand that her comments have spurred me from a sense of despair and resignation while begrudgingly having to live w/Mitt as the nominee to doing all I can to make damn sure that Ann is First Lady of these United Stated by this time next year

  10. Metoo

    I agree with those politicos who feel Ann Romney is one of Mitt’s best assets. She is a first class act all the way. Think that Mr. (no not a typo) Rosen is envious and bitter.

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